To use iPhone one handed keyboard, let’s learn about it. as life has become so speedy and busy over the world. That is why, everyone desires to do with single hand with smartphones. As you are doing something else and need to use your cellphone by one hand.

Typing with One Hand on Your iPhone

Therefore, The Mac Forum is here to tell about the activation of one-handed service to be used on your iPhone. Although, this is normal to use by both hands while texting on your iPhone.

But there are also few people who are used to one handed texting on iPhones. Consequently, as now cellphones have become great in size from every branded company. That is why texting single handed has now become very difficult for that persons.

How to set up and use one-handed keyboard on iPhone

However, there is a need to select one option either you can go with larger size smartphones or the smaller sizes for single handed use facility.

But if you want to get both options on a single smartphone, then you will surprised to know that Apple has focused your desire by rumors and introduced now easy-to-use smartphone solution for one handed usage capability with a larger size.

That is why Apple gives your solution for easy use service with One Handed Keyboard on your iPhone.

Set up one handed Keyboard on iPhone

This is very common to use texting with both hands. But if you want to use texting single handed with big size display smartphone and using that phone with a single hand will be a quite painful activity.

Set up one handed Keyboard on iPhone

Formerly you desire to get single handed keyboard. But if you don’t know how to enable this service on your phone’s keyboard. Then don’t you worry. We will tell you. Just follow the instruction given below;

  • Initially, you have to unlock your phone and go to any application that uses keyboard.
  • Then long press on globe emoji situated on iPhone’s keyboard.
  • Now you have to pick the choice either you want to go for right handed usage or left handed usage on your iPhone.

Now you have set up your single handed keyboard on Apple smartphone. Once you have activated this service, then you will be displayed by single handed until you will disable this service on your phone’s keyboard.

Undo iPhone one handed keyboard

Once you have enabled iPhone one handed keyboard, then this will go whole smartphone’s life/ but if you don’t want to use one handed keyboard on your smartphone iOS device then you have to disable this service.

For this you have to note down instructions that are given below.

  1. In this process, you also go to that application which uses keyboards and open your keyboard.
  2. Long press on globe to open the options.
  3. There you will find “Standard keyboard Icon”, click on it to get default setting on your phone’s keyboard.

Final Complement

In this article, we have learnt how to enable single handed keyboard to sue and how to disable this service. For more detail click on The Mac Forum and get new updates related to your queries.