If you are brand lover or brand user. Then you need to make blazing comparison for iPhone 7 vs Samsung s7 edge. So, this is great opportunity for smartphone users to pick one from galaxy of variety and features.

Compare Samsung Galaxy S7 edge vs. Apple iPhone 7

Then, you don’t need to be confused for buying hot smartphone. The Mac Forums has made mind blowing comparison for specs, camera features and pros. and cons. Of Samsung s7 edge vs iPhone 7.

As we are expecting to just one month is remained to the release of new smartphone Samsung s8 and iPhone 8 models.

Apple iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comparison

That is why, these are considered to be impressive smart model handsets and challenging brands for LG and OnePlus to get Apple iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comparison .

Apple iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comparison

However, iPhone 7 vs Samsung s7 edge doing outstanding performance and blast speed of action making high status over the market. Now you are on the way to get top best offers with you to have Samsung s7 edge vs iPhone 7.

Camera specs for Samsung s7 edge and Apple 7

Let’s have camera specifications among iPhone 7 vs Samsung s7 edge. Although both smart devices have same 12MP rear camera sensor.

But here is slight difference for focus aperture of 1.7 with iPhone 7 vs 1.8 focus aperture of Samsung s7 edge. That is why, this galaxy smart model has one step winner in this case.

So, Samsung galaxy s7 edge has more ability to allow maximum light by lens than iPhone 7 smartphone for cam specs iPhone 7 vs Samsung s7 edge.

Therefore, both smart devices Samsung galaxy s7 edge vs iPhone 7 have same camera specification and presented you same stabilization image optical feature.

This feature allows you to take your photos or recording in the situation of hand shaking moment and make it sure to focus your image with clear resolution and HD quality results.

Fingerprint Touch ID

While you are talking for the latest technology and new features fingerprint touch ID smart sensor. then in this case, both have same potential to have fingerprint sensors with it. And also, both are placed under the hidden section of home button of devices iPhone 7 vs Samsung s7 edge.

But now Apple has given you updated and high-quality fingerprint touch ID sensors with same potential and haptic review placed in MacBook force technology feature over there.

Its means, iPhone 7 has latest and pro quality feature fingerprint sensor. that is why, it is introduced you as trackpad touch force home button featuring fingerprint.

However, now you are presented iPhone 7 with updated and essentially removed mechanical position of home button and space the efforts and usage of home button parts.

This is called the removal of physical home button and replaced it with soft touch id fingerprint home button placed under the surface of home screen display of iPhone 7.

Style and Outlook of Apple 7 vs Samsung s7 Edge

When you are talking about the features and specification of both smartphones Apple 7 vs Samsung s7 edge. Then there is most required and high demanded feature with design, style and fashion outlook of both brands.

As you know the Samsung company is well-known company over the world for its outlook and brand features. So, over the history of best design and fashion outlook is Samsung s7 model.

Galaxy s7 is running now with decent and attractive outlook and high-class glass front with back side glass protected joined together is the stance of Samsung s7 smartphone.

Therefore, iPhone 7 is presented you I market in different color rages like Silver, Rose, Gold, Gold, jet Black and matte Black.

Waterproof galaxy s7 vs iPhone 7

Here is a story behind this. Let’s move back few years ago. When Apple 6s plus was released then it was claimed to have pretty waterproof and water-resistant device.

But later on, Apple device to give you fully waterproof and water-resistant device as for that time, no fully water resistant and waterproof smartphone was as such introduced over the market.

Waterproof galaxy s7 vs iPhone 7

Then different brands started working on it. but Apple and Samsung brands become successful in this case. So now, Apple has given you iPhone 7 and 7 plus with fully waterproof smartphone.

And Samsung has also given you galaxy s7 and s7 edge the full waterproof and water-resistant smart device over the place.  But here Samsung has jumped with IPS 68 over the smart device iPhone 7 with IPS 67 for water resistant and waterproof q2uality and features handsets.

Display Screen Size of iPhone 7 vs galaxy s7

This section will clear your confusion regarding to the best display smartphone among iPhone 7 vs Samsung s7. iPhone 7 has 4.7-inc display screen size like iPhone 6s has. So that is why, iPhone 7 as high-quality resolution of 1134.750px.

While Samsung galaxy s7 has 5.1-inc display size with 2560.1440px hot AMOLED display style. So, this is clear which is better smartphone among both iPhone 7 vs Samsung s7. But wait.

You need to know some further improvements that Apple has done in iPhone 7 to bring it more favorable in race. So now in this year, Apple company offers you this brand-new smart device iPhone 7 with more brightness and supported by DCI-P3 pigments gamut.

Performance with Speed of Action

Whenever you are looking for the best, then you always want a smart device which has high performing speed and faster machine to do any work. So now we will compare two smart devices on the bases of their performance and speed of action.

In this present era, Samsung galaxy s7 has proven the best and top speed performance smartphone. it has 2.3GHz Octa-Core processor with latest version Exynos chipset8890 for android system and running with 4GB RAM. Therefore, iPhone 7 has also latest technology and new feature Apple chipset of A10 fusion.