The most requisite question over the world is here about iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7 dimensions. Initially, we are surprised to see about the most entertaining phenomenon of this era for the innovation of the Apple iPhone 7. When it comes out with many similarities in the outlook of previous Apple iPhone 6s.

Apple iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6s: Should You Upgrade

by deep and dept. search in specifications and dimensions between Apple iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7. We get very interesting information which is brought to you by The Macforum. Therefore, the innovation of the Apple iPhone 7 reveals that the Apple brand company confidently discarded and replacement of custom headphones and wireless earphones are switched out with the latest version technology AirPods.

These are modern term techniques which are introduced by Apple in its mist loving smartphones IOS 7. Now we are going to put interesting information related to the specification comparison of the Apple iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6s. The Macforum will tell you big upgradation in both smartphones that quite sound good.

iPhone 7 Vs iPhone 6S: What’s The Difference?

Consequently, Apple iPhone 7 is running with the outstanding features of the camera lens and magnificent 6 elements placed in camera quality provide you wide range of colors in comparison to the Apple IOS 6s. However, Apple iPhone 7 has branded its touch screen sensitivity to case off improved quality with camera capture capabilities.

While on the other hand, Apple iPhone 7 brought to you much improved 3D results in the functioning of touch screen sensitivity. Therefore, Apple has revealed its new features with updated advancements in iPhone 7 and that is its operating system of the latest technology A10 chipset. That is why Apple has thrown its first Quad-Core operating system with 40% speedy performance in the world.

Compare iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7

This is quite much important feature that stands this smartphone upfront in the market and opens new doors for customers. Whereas when we talk about Quad Core features of Apple IOS 7, then you will have pleased to know that its A10 chipset Quad Core specification is about two directories which lead to higher and lower action.

Therefore, this Quad-Core Chipset A10 performs outstanding results with the accomplishment of daily tasks. These qualities make Apple 7 an amazing subject in history with a double battery and enhance its performance timing. This is the best difference between Apple 7 vs Apple 6s.

1. Outlook dimensions of iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7

Betterments are advanced with the passage of time and Apple announced the IOS 7 with a touch screen display potential of 7000 aluminum durability which retains this model ahead of the Apple iPhone 6s. That is why Apple brand company is throwing almost identical model smartphones of iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7.

Most prominent and phenomenon difference between the iPhone 6s and from iPhone 7 is its home button working. Apple 7 has a fixed touch screen home button sensitivity than the Apple iPhone 6s. These features have overcome home button errors and issues.

At the same time, Apple has brought one major dimension for the removal of the antenna from the backside of the Apple iPhone 7. That is why the Apple 7 has come with a fully clear and clean back of the smartphone making it the most attractive and unique outlook of previous models smartphones of Apple company.

2. Touch screen sensitivity dimensions of iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7

As we know that Apple has come with a retina screen for the Apple iPhone 4 with much innovation done in the market. But major upgradation and changes are done with the latest model iPhone 6s and Apple iPhone 7 for the introduction of 4K results in resolution of the display portion.

As we have discussed that Apple has introduced 4k 1080 LED resolution for the iPhone 6s and 7 after iPhone 4. But here is also major upgradation happened in latest version model IOS 7 which 25% more brightness of display screen.

3. Fast speed of action dimensions of iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7

As we know that world has familiar with the popularity of the 2015 Apple iOS 6s which is more fastest ever android operating flagship system in the world. But Apple brand company has never been stopped for new introductions and innovations of the next modern smartphones going to shine in the world.

Here we are going to discuss how Apple has enhanced and boosted the performance of the Apple iPhone 6s with the given below upgradation.