Truly speaking, this is stance verdict for the superhot smart devices iPhone 6s compared to galaxy s7. There are lot of things on the behalf of you can bring out the right smartphone to buy.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S: Which is the best?

The Mac Forums is here to narrate you Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S: Which is the best? and superficial comparison of features for iPhone 6s vs galaxy s7.

Like we have Samsung galaxy s7 smartphone in Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S: Which is the best? with the galaxy of superiority for having microSD port and waterproof device than iPhone 6s which is not have microSD port and water-resistant quality like as Samsung s7 has.

Compare Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. Apple iPhone 6s

Nevertheless, this is well-known competition among Apple company and Samsung brand as this has been happening from years ago till both have innovation history with them.

So now Compare Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. Apple iPhone 6s for 2016 market is full of challenges and race is happened between Apple 6s vs Samsung galaxy s7 smartphones.

Style and design outlook comparison of iPhone 6s compared to galaxy s7

let’s welcome the superhot year in 2015-16 with master stroke passage of two hot models with their transformation up to date features.

Although world has the era of transformation from old technology converting to latest version technology and features to let the world with new trends and innovation with new discoveries of science over the space.

So that is why, in that era of iPhone 6s compared to galaxy s7, when world is under transformation process, Samsung has released new innovation galaxy s7 handset. This smartphone s7 has beaten the Apple smart device iPhone 6s device.

Therefore, iPhone 6s has best running speed with beautiful goals. You can get this smartphone with stamped of aluminum back block. That is why, iPhone 6 smart device is more attractive ad luxury life partner then Samsung smartphone galaxy s7.

Screen size iPhone 6s compared to galaxy s7

But Samsung handset galaxy s7 has also curvature of best holding smartphone with compare to iPhone 6s. So, that is why, this galaxy 6s has decent outlook and designated to grip easily.

Screen size iPhone 6s compared to galaxy s7

So now, you are presented Samsung galaxy s7 with 5.1-inch display size for 142.4-69.6-7.9mm and its weight is 152grams. While Apple brand iPhone 6s has 4.7-inch display size with 138.3-67.1-7.1mm and weight of 143grams.

When you look at the measurement that are given to you in above paragraph, then you can say that on the behalf of above-mentioned measures, iPhone is winner now in this section.

Display quality

When world was running with same old fashion technology, then Apple has given the world with new market and idea for smartphones by putting retina display in its smartphones.

So that is why, iPhone 4 was the first smartphone who has introduced retina display with you in iPhone 6s compared to galaxy s7.

Then after that iPhone 6s was released with latest featured retina display for high quality HD display resolution of 1334.750px. But at the same time, Samsung has released its brand-new smartphone galaxy s7 with 2560.1440px display resolution quality.

In contrast of these features, when we put our focus internally in the display of both models. Samsung galaxy s7 is most innovative, amazing smartphone, with sharp, brighter and most efficient in performance for daylight time.

Efficiency and Performance

This is most amazing and incredible portion of any smart devices. Everyone wants to get most quick and faster smart device like iPhone 6s vs Samsung s7.

So that is why, Samsung galaxy s7 has Snapdragon Qualcomm chipset with 8209 quad-core processor and 4GB RAM to make it efficient device and machine.

While this model is updated with some upgradation and brought to you the latest technology and modern trend Exynos android operating system with 8890 octa core chipset with 4GB RAM.

Whereas when Apple smartphones are in concerned. Then you might have to know that iPhone 6s has latest version chipset A9 of tat time with dual core 1.84GHz Twister CPU and 2GB RAM.

Speed & Performance of Samsung Galaxy s7 vs iPhone 6s

That is why, these two smartphones are ultimate source of latest version technology and features with updated quality competing the world.

But Samsung s7 has quicker in speed & performance with command like when you tried to use different or multiple application in your Samsung s7 phone, and you want to jump from one app to another quickly.

This is happened but not faster. It takes some lag time to shift from one to another. Therefore, Apple smartphones have always different scenario here. Apple is familiar and well-known brand due to its luxury speed and working performance with command it.

While this device comes in the case of shifting from one application to another during running multiple apps over there with your Apple smartphone. then you will notice the faster speed and swiftness in browsing of one to another.