For all iPhone 6 plus vs Samsung s7 edge technical and design comparison with advantages are available in the world. So, we are looking for the trumping of iPhone 6 plus over the galaxy s7 edge or not. If you want to get understand this query, then follow this article.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

The Mac Forums has made an outstanding comparison to get understand which smartphone is better and which should you buy as your dream handset.

After the great success of galaxy s7, Samsung has decided to put some updates in its new smartphone Samsung s7 edge.

As a result, Samsung has trumped over its previous model Samsung s7 by giving you extra 5.5-inch display size in Samsung galaxy s7 edge.

Design build of Samsung s7 Edge and iPhone 6 plus

Samsung s7 edge has 7.7mm thickness with metal body thermoformed 3D dual rounded display in couple of colors like black or gold. Whereas Apple presents you 7.3mm thick anodized body with 5 color variants in iPhone 6 plus vs Samsung s7 edge.

When we look at the previous model smartphone galaxy s6 with amazing selling rates are proven best smartphone. That is why, Samsung has given your same outlook Samsung s7 edge likewise Samsung s6.

That is why, we can say that Samsung s7 edge is better and much improved design look than Samsung s6. When we talk about Apple smartphone, then this is sound amazing that there is no one like Apple phones with their most advance quality and features out in the world.

Therefore, Apple company has enhanced the thickness of smart model iPhone 6 plus with 7000 anodized aluminum body. It was also reported that sealing strength of iPhone 6 plus is quite favorable as waterproof.

Display Screen of Apple 6 plus vs Galaxy s7 Edge

The most attractive quality of any smartphone over the world is its display screen with size. While the world is moving with large size display screen size. Then Samsung also presents you 5.5-inch display large size with galaxy s7 edge.

Therefore, Apple also gives your 5.5-inch display in iPhone 6 plus. This is latest updates in Apple smartphone happened after iPhone 6 with 4.7-inch display size. In this way, both smartphones Samsung s7 edge vs iPhone 6 plus has same display size with 5.5-inch screen.

Display Screen of Apple 6 plus vs Galaxy s7 Edge

However, Samsung offers you more sharp screen resolution with 2560.1440px quad-core HD quality display.  While iPhone 6 plus is presented you with 1920.1080px HD quality display screen resolution.

Processing power

Samsung galaxy s7 edge is most advance quality smartphone with latest version Exynos 8890 octa core processor and 4GM RAM is available now over the world as iPhone 6 plus vs Samsung s7 edge.

When you have concerned with Apple smartphone properties related to processing units and strength. Then here is detail with latest version chipset A9 and dual core processor and GT7600powerVr GPU with 2GB RAM.

Cam shooter of iPhone 6 plus vs Samsung s7 edge

iPhone 6 plus has 12MP rear camera with phase detection quality and dual LED flash light and 1.2MP front selfie cam. Where galaxy smart model Samsung s7 edge has 12MP rear camera also with phase detect and dual pixels quality shooter lenses and 5MP front camera for selfie.

Here by this galaxy s7 edge model, Samsung has jumped to stand equal to iPhone 6 plus with 12MP camera. That is why, both smartphones are more capable in camera senses in iPhone 6 plus vs Samsung s7 edge.

Storage capacity iPhone 6 plus vs Samsung s7 edge

Here we have two different devices with wide range storage categorized into different models. We have Samsung s7 edge with iPhone 6 plus. Both are world leading smartphones. And trying to challenge to each.

Therefore, Samsung has given you galaxy s7 edge with just only updated 32GB storage capacity with microSD card option. But iPhone has given you 3 different models with regard to storage quality. So, you have iPhone 6 plus with 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB.