iPhone 6 plus vs 7 plus

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iPhone 6 Plus vs 7 Plus

let’s have a grand party for iPhone 6 plus vs 7 plus. Now iPhone 7 plus is ruling the market over the world with its great success and amazing upgradation.

Compare Apple iPhone 7 Plus vs. Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Before this model, iPhone 6 plus and 6s plus were known superhot smart models over the world by Apple company.

Now this tag is shifted to next generation iPhone 7 plus. The Mac Forum, at this even bring you the most surprising comparison for iPhone 6 plus vs 7 plus.

The biggest Innovation of iPhone 6 plus

The biggest innovation of iPhone 6 plus and 6s plus is red carpet entry in the world with most innovation changes. That is why, these models have created new trends in the history of smartphones over the world with biggest size display of 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch respectively.

Similarly, iPhone 6 plus vs 7 plus has come with latest innovations and packed with historical features in it. So, all of these qualities are done with dramatic portion of thin and seamless outlook and new fashion.

As a result, you are provided with bigger size smartphone in the history of Apple company. That is why, its great achievement by iPhone 6 plus and 6s plus.

Apple Ends Support for iPhone 6 Plus

Thus, this model has created amazing offer with latest process chipset A8 for its fast moving performance and working with blazing efficiency like iSight and FaceTime feature with HD high resolution camera. while you get all your dream feature in one device that you will say that this is perfect match.

Consequently, this is best achievement by iPhone 6 plus vs 7 plus. That is why, world has admitted this win. And Apple got a number of satisfaction from users and iPhone lovers while they use iPhone 6 plus with large size and extra feature.

That is why, Apple is only one brand over the world, who can have done this miracle to give you all required and dream features with latest trend in single device.

The best part of Apple company is also that it is only company over the world, who has ability to make perfection in working by join all hardware and software portion collectivity with strong bond.

The biggest Innovation of iPhone 7 plus

After the great success and grand achievement of iPhone 6 plus vs 7 plus, and iPhone 6s plus. Now Apple has given you latest opportunity by iPhone 7 plus. Now this smart tool is out in market and available over the all corner of the world.

The biggest Innovation of iPhone 7 plus

So, this time we are making blazing comparison among iPhone 6 plus vs iPhone 7 plus. Most of thoughts related to latest Apple model iPhone 7 plus is that it is same like iPhone 6 plus or 6s plus by design. Somehow, you are right.

Fashion of iPhone 7 plus

But Apple has given you slight changes in outlook and fashion of iPhone 7 plus that makes it bit different from previous model smartphone of Apple company.

Therefore, when you look at the back portion of iPhone 7 plus, then you will see the smooth backside than iPhone 6 plus vs 7 plus.

The reason is that; Apple has put a big change by removing antenna band which is shown a line by the side of camera crossing it. in addition to this feature, Apple brand also presents you a huge difference by making this smartphone fully waterproof and water-resistant.

Waterproof iPhone 7 plus vs 6 plus

This feature is also noticeable because before this model iPhone 7 plus, Apple has released iPhone 6 plus and 6s plus by declaring it waterproof. But after using this device, it was seen that it is somehow waterproof but not fully designated as waterproof device.

So that is why, iPhone 7 plus has been proven the fully waterproof device over the world. But if this model smartphone is fully waterproof, then how much it takes time long in water while fall into it.

Here you will also be surprised when you see that this iPhone 7 plus has capacity to stay 30 minutes in water after falling into it.

Latest chipset process A10 in iPhone 7 plus

Other feature is its internal portion. You will be surprise top know that Apple has given you this model putting latest chipset process A10 in iPhone 7 plus. This is first quad-core device I the history of smartphone who has created its stance over the world.

However, will all additions, Apple has removed the headphone ports and make it wireless usage. This has become also new trend setter in the world. after it, world moved towards wireless accessories.

Home button Touch ID with fingerprint sensors with iPhone 6 plus vs iPhone 7 plus

Other then all these quality and additional features, Apple also gives you one of the hottest feature by removing home button physically and put this home button Touch ID with fingerprint sensors at the surface of home screen display of iPhone 7 plus.

This is plus point ever by the Apple company. Thus, Apple also presents you an offer in this model with 3GM RAM.

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