The most innovative and best rumors demanding the creation of the Apple iPhone 6 plus and 7 plus comparison are out there. Once again after Apple 6 plus, here is the most interesting model with plus features that is out on the market.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus 64GB vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus

As we know, Apple iPhone 6 plus has proven its greatest ability in the world and has become the bestselling smartphone of the Apple brand at The MAc Forum. But as Apple has given its next level latest model smartphone iPhone 7 plus with plus features.

So now this device has developed sensational development among the people of the world. That is why The Mac Forum put its great efforts to tell you which smartphone is best? And which one you should buy?

1. Design and Stance for iPhone 6 plus and 7 plus comparison

When you look at the external look and design of both Apple iPhone 7 plus and 6 plus, then you will be sad to see that both are much identical to each other. But you don’t need to be disappointed about it.

Since Apple has serious care for its customers and gives you the additional features and upgrades in the design and outlook of the iPhone 7 plus after the success of the iPhone 6 plus. And the pleasant news for iPhone lovers is that Apple has given you the latest technology water-resistant feature in its next-level iPhone 7 plus.

Here is also one thing you should be clear Apple company has given you many pretty somehow water-resistant specifications in its old model iPhone 6 plus with splash out.

Design and Stance for iPhone 6 plus and 7 plus comparison

2. Water-proof iPhone 7 plus and 6 plus

But now officially Apple presents you most authentic and trustable water-resistant and waterproof smart model iPhone 7 plus with its advance features to put it up front in front of the iPhone 6 plus.

That is why, Apple has given special design, outlook, and stance to the latest model iPhone 7 plus to attract its lovers and make it the most unique quality smartphone in the world.

Other than waterproof and water-resistant quality, iPhone has also a one-step clear edge from iPhone 6 plus and that is its home button designed especially with screen sensitivity and physical presence has canceled out in this latest smart model iPhone 7 plus.

3. The home button on the screen surface with Apple 7 plus and 6 plus

In this smart device, Apple presents you no longer available home button on the touch screen and this feature replaces the old fashion iPhone 6 plus with a clear comparison. And you are given this home button on the screen surface with Apple 7 plus.

But as Apple gives you the most interesting up-gradation in its latest version and next-level smart model iPhone 7 plus. There also presents this model with drawbacks. Apple has removed the headphone jack port from this 7 plus model.

That is why this is a negative thing in the design and outlook stance of iPhone 6 plus and 7 plus comparison of both models.

But you need not be worried about it. because this is a strategy to shift its users to next-generation technology where no headphones will be. The era will be coming with wireless accessories like wireless headphones.

4. Screen Display and brightness of both iPhone 6 plus and 7b plus comparison

Are you thinking, that both models iPhone 6 plus and 7 plus comparison with outlook externally are tiny different from each other? But when you look at the screen and display differentiation with a keen eye, then you will be spotted prominent up-gradation between them.

Both have a display size of 5.5-inch with backlit LED and IPS LCD for a 67.7 screen-to-body ratio. But here in both models, Apple has lower status with rivals as they are moving with the latest version and modern technology for OLED display with 2K resolution.

However, Apple is still giving its customers 1080px resolution. But Apple has put some additional brightness to compete with 2K resolution which sounds good for its users.

5. Speed and performance with the champ for iPhone 6 plus and 7 plus comparison

Now we are moving from exterior comparison to interior comparison where you have seen that both are almost identical with tiny up-gradation.

But here in the performance section, both iPhone 6 plus and 7 plus comparison have clear up-gradation for you to make you come out of the doubtful zone.

  • Apple iPhone 6 plus has an A9 chipset with Dual-core CPU and 2GB RAM.
  • Apple iPhone 7 plus has an A10 chipset with a Quad-core CPU and 3GB RAM.

Here are two classes of upgradation. iPhone 7 Plus is the first Apple brand smart model with the latest chipset and Quad-core entry in the flow.

Then secondly you are given 3GB RAM for the first time in the history of the Apple smartphones. So this iPhone 7 plus is the new era of smartphones for you.

6. Camera shooter of iPhone 6 plus and 7 plus comparison

While we are comparing external and touch screen display features for both models iPhone 6 plus and 7 plus comparison. Here we go for Cameras shooting pictures with upgraded features.

Let’s go;

  • Apple 6 plus has 12MP Rear camera for shooting with a dual-LED flashlight and 4K video shooting and a 5MP front cam.
  • Apple 7 plus has a dual Rear camera with 12MP quality and 2x zoom condition with Quad-LED flashlight and 4K shooting resolution for the video file and a 7MP front camera with 1080 recording capability.

So here, you are presented with the most upgraded model smartphone for its latest quad-LED flashlight with telephoto lenses and a wide range focus angle with a 12MP rear camera.

That is why Apple offers you the most interesting package with 2x zooming and improved capturing photos even in low battery health conditions. While on the other hand, iPhone 6 plus is running with 6-elements lenses for camera shooting with high optical quality to re-engineered from the ground as Apple has improved quality chipset A9 processor with iPhone 6 plus.

7. Battery Health Condition and Charging Speed for iPhone 7 plus and 6 plus Comparison

Battery Health Condition and Charging Speed for iPhone 7 plus and 6 plus Comparison

Users always have issues related to iPhone battery timing and health condition along with charging speed. The speedy world required longer battery life with a short time charging capacity over the space.

That is why iPhone users have serious issues with the pros and cons to use iPhone with better battery health and life condition. Consequently, over this situation and requirements and rumors close need announced its battery life for 1-hour longer with iPhone 7 plus.

That is why this low point from iPhone 6 plus with 1-hour shorter battery life. And this is the subject where you are minimizing the down point of the iPhone 7 plus with now space for a headphone jacket.

8. Storage Space and Upgradation for iPhone 6 plus and 7 plus Comparison

Here is the best part for feature comparison among Apple iPhone 6 plus and 7 plus and that is storage capacity. Although, iPhone 7 plus has high rates than iPhone 6 plus.

But this doesn’t mean, Apple 7 plus has the negative edge because Apple presents you 32/128/256GB storage variants in iPhone 7 plus and beats the iPhone 6 plus with 16/65/128Gb storage capacity.

That is why Apple iPhone 7 plus has the biggest status and position over the competitors and lashed out at the tweak stack of iPhone 6 plus.

That is why the iPhone 7 plus stands upfront in case of a maximum storage capacity of 256GB from the maximum capability of 128GB of the iPhone 6 plus.


Get the best guidelines for smart comparison among iPhone 7 plus and 6 plus.  You should not be disappointed about the most identical exterior similarities and tiny differences up-gradation in the interior part of the iPhone 7 plus from 6 plus is quite pretty for you.

So that is why. This comparison boosts you to buy which smartphone is better for you. But we should say that with the latest technology, where you have pros, you also have cons of that technology and smart devices but with every new development have a new era and a new chapter with trending world to go on.