this is verdict to have iPhone 5s vs galaxy alpha comparison. With the glance of these models, we have wide range features for iPhone 5s vs galaxy alpha at The Mac Forum.

Compare Apple iPhone 5s vs. Samsung Galaxy Alpha

So, let’s move next in this article with the help of The Mac Forum. The very well-known Samsung smartphone galaxy alpha is a metal glance is tiny identical form of android software smart device with the comparison of iPhone 5s.

Therefore, these 2 smart models galaxy alpha and iPhone 5s has similar outlook with same hardware framework almost.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs iPhone 5S comparison

However, Samsung alpha is much low-cost smartphone than Apple 5s.

But here is also most prominent difference and that is operating systems which is different for both iPhone 5s and galaxy alpha smartphone. That is why, here we have put these 2 models in comparison of each other.

Price of Galaxy Alpha vs iPhone 5s

In contrast of galaxy s5, Samsung has given your lower rate galaxy alpha with £500. But here this doesn’t mean that this smartphone of galaxy alpha is cheaper than iPhone 5s.

At the day of its release, iPhone 5s is about to £549 with reasonable rates but this rate will be high to £709.

Design glance of iPhone 5s vs galaxy alpha

Here, this section will go widely with the blast comparison of galaxy alpha with iPhone 5s. Whenever, you want to buy any new smartphone, but you look in the market with vast range variety of smartphones with their best designs and stance fashion.

Then maybe you confuse to see all that stuff and couldn’t be able to pick one. That is why, design has especially importance in this way to put your up from confusion. Thus, there is always remained the competition of Samsung with iPhone smartphone.

Both ae the rivals of each other. Here is the most significant thing while getting design comparison among iPhone 5s with galaxy alpha.

Because it is seemed the most similarity of galaxy design and outlook fashion with iPhone 5s. Both have metal frame runs with bright slanting edges. When you look at the measurements for both smart models iPhone 5s vs galaxy alpha design comparison.

Then here is also big difference in case of galaxy which is thinner at 6.7mm with the comparison of iPhone 7.6mm. However, Samsung galaxy alpha has more weight of 3g than iPhone 5s. Final remarks are stated that both are much smarter and light weight phones over the world.

Screen display of galaxy alpha vs iPhone 5s

Mind blowing feature comparison of display screen with size is much hot election among galaxy alpha vs iPhone 5s. When we put these both models in comparison, then galaxy alpha is brought out with tiny bigger sized smartphone than iPhone 5s display size.

Therefore, Samsung galaxy alpha model runs with high quality resolution of 720px with mid-range distribution. And that is why, resolution density of the galaxy alpha screen display is less tthe han iPhone 5s the hot model.

Screen display of galaxy alpha vs iPhone 5s

The blast comparison of galaxy alpha vs iPhone 5s is the Retina feature with properties of using the smartphone. In this case, Apple presents you with 326ppi retina quality.

However, Samsung alpha runs with312ppi retina feature quality lower than apple smart device iPhone 5s. So, here iPhone is up to high status from galax6 alpha. Although, this is old feature quality as compared to nowadays latest quality Quad-core resolution display screen available in every smartphone.

Processing Chip of iPhone 5s vs galaxy alpha

The most important feature and quality that everyone notice is the memory storage and processor quality concerning iPhone 5s vs galaxy alpha. Although, the iPhone 5s works with the most advance of that time processor A7 with to cooperation of the M7 processor. That is why it is called a dual-core device ARM processor with 1.3GHz and 1GB RAM.

Therefore, Samsung galaxy alpha runs with its own formulated processor of Exynos 5 5430. As this is an octa-core processing chip with 1.8GHz Cortec-A15 and 4-1.3GHz Cortex-A7. Thus, this smart device galaxy alpha works efficiently with 2GB RAM of the device.

Storage of iPhone 5s vs galaxy alpha

Storage capacity has been a major concern of every buyer over the world. If you are looking to get a big storage smartphone. Then galaxy alpha is only one 32GB storage. But in this article, we are not only talking about the Samsung galaxy alpha smartphone’s storage capacity.

We will discuss the blazing compassion of iPhone 5s vs galaxy alpha storage capacity. As we have mentioned above the Samsung alpha with 32GB storage, then there is also one more feature to have an mSD card slot that is not available in the iPhone 5s.

Therefore, the iPhone 5s is presented to you in three varieties of devices concerning its storage capacity of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB as well. That is why Apple company has been always giving you a different choice to pick one according to your desire and affordability over there.

As there is a choice of iPhone 5s with the variety of its storage capacity with three variants, still Apple doesn’t allow you any mSD card slot in its device of iPhone 5s, even in any variety of iPhone 5s with storage.

The hardware of Samsung alpha vs Apple 5s

Now we are in the hardware program’s comparison section of Samsung alpha vs Apple 5s. when you will go through them deeply, then you will notice that both are using fingerprint sensors in their devices of iPhone 5s vs galaxy alpha.

But there is only one smartphone in the world in that era that presents you vast range feature of fingerprint sensors.

Regardless of the heavier price of iPhone 5s vs Samsung alpha, galaxy didn’t apply on fingerprint sensor the retainable feature with the connectivity of identical IR or heat monitor with this alpha galaxy device,

Cam shooter of Galaxy Alpha vs Apple 5s

As you know the camera quality of the Apple device iPhone 5s has an 8MP resolution quality which is considered somehow lower. But the best thing here related to camera shooting and resulting in high-quality forms creates improved features than its competitors.

Software programs for iPhone 5s and galaxy alpha

Yes, this is obvious to have a good software operating system to get comfort. That is why we are here to make big difference for the iPhone 5s and galaxy alpha.  Here is the comparison of an iOS device and an Android device brought to you by The Mac Forum.

Apple device has an iOS 7 operating system with iPhone 5s that can update in future iOS 8. But galaxy Samsung alpha has KitKat 4.4-Android operating system with interface TouchWiz user.