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iPhone 5c to iPhone 6

The iPhone 5c to iPhone 6 is your pick up era while apple has introduced its latest model iOS iPhone 6 with updated version. As now Apple 6 has in come with most incredible features. So everyone of you desires to get your new smartphone iOS 6 from either any Apple store, delivery source or any retailer.

Transferring from iPhone 5c to iPhone 6

However, you want to move to latest model iPhone 6 from old version Apple 5c. The best way to migrate your old to new one is here with The Mac Forum.

Probably, you need to transfer your whole data by secure means like you want to shift all apps settings, your iPhone settings and customization, your images, videos, films, and documents, everything you want. However, you don’t want to lose nothing from your data of old iPhone.

Transfer data from your previous iOS 5c to 6

All from earth, data migration from old iPhone 5c to latest iPhone 6 is amazing and very easy way. No matter, weather you are doing it for the first time or you have done this 100 times before it. You will find this method very simple and incredible.

There are two ways to transfer iPhone 5c to iPhone 6

  • Via iCloud
  • Via iTunes

Transfer Data via iCloud or iTunes

When you are using Apple PC then data transfer from old iPhone 5c to new iPhone 6 is much speedy then iCloud source. But if you don’t have, then iCloud has proven much faster and simple way to migrate data to iPhone 6.

Let’s move ahead to learn the best way for the migration of data from Apple 5c to Apple 6. Here step by step best direction that you have to follow to get iPhone migration process.

Transfer Data via iCloud or iTunes

1. Backups your Data with iTunes

While you are doing migration from your old iPhone to new iPhone 6. Then the very first thing in the way is to do backups your data on your old iPhone. So that, you will get everything in your new iPhone. Here, you have to be sure of having latest version of your iTunes on your old iPhone 5c.

  1. Firstly, you have to connect your previous using iPhone to a MacBook or PC system, with USB portable cable to get started iTunes on your side.
  2. Then, here select for you most powerful and highly recommended service to activate your backup encryption and go for Backup Now to get completed with 100%.
  3. Here you have to ensure for the activation of backup encryption on your iTunes.
  4. In this way, you will be set a strong password on your iTunes to make backup and restore data security from iPhone 5c to iPhone 6.

This method to transfer your data from 5c to 6 is via iTunes is preferably very faster when you have slow speed internet connection on your device. And this way is done with USB port cable over the Apple operating system.

2. Backups your Data with iCloud

As above we have discussed data migration process via iTunes by backup o your iPhone 5c and get restoration on iPhone 6.  Now this time is going for backup process with iCloud on your iPhone 5c. This process is surely done as manual process from iPhone to iCloud.

In this step, you have to get iCloud on your iPhone with an Apple iD to setup iCloud service on your smartphone.

  1. For setting backup iCloud on your iOS 5, just go to Settings and click on iCloud.
  2. Then, pick up option for Backup as it was called as Storage & Backup option in old version operating systems.
  3. Now click on Back Up Now option present in latest version Apple operating systems.

Making setup on iCloud

For making setup on iCloud, it takes usually some time to uploads all files on your iCloud account with iCloud server. This backup via iCloud is mostly depend upon your internet connection and its speed.

if you have faster connection with your iPhone. Then backup will be done quickly. if you have slow internet connection with your iPhone, then it will take few moments maybe longer time intervals.

That is why, we prefer you, if you have slow net, use iTunes connection for backup process as it is done with USB cable much faster in case of slow internet.

3. Data transfer via iTunes to New iPhone 6

After making backups via iTunes, now this time is to migrate your data from backup of old version iPhone 5c to new iPhone 6 with iTunes. As iTunes is very faster source of data transfer just because of locally control over the network and you don’t need to have downloading or uploading process over the USB cable.

When you have very short time and need data transfer quickly, then iTunes is the best way to transfer data faster and speedy. So now here you have to note down one thing. Weather you need to restore data at first time on your new iPhone 6 or at any time during iPhone running time.

Restore Data while Getting Start

For making restoration on your new iPhone 6 through iTunes, you need to follow some steps which are given below;

  • While getting start on your new iPhone, you need initially done with Setup Assistant Process.
  • When you have completed first Setup Assistant process, then you will get restore option from iTunes.
  • Now you have to connect your iTunes operating system with PC system through USB cable.
  • Pick the latest backup option placed there in your iTunes and restore data from it.

Setup iTunes app to restore data on iPhone 6

  1. If you have closed iTunes from your side. then again launch it and link your new iPhone 6 with MacBook or PC system via USB cable.
  2. Now go to Phone option and click on it to continue from tab and tap on Restore Backup.
  3. Finally, you have to pick last backup option in your iTunes and press on it to get started with restore data.

4. Data transfer via iCloud to New iPhone 6

Whether you are new or start working g on your new iPhone 6 before getting g restore option to avail. And now you need to return back to initial steps and get started with restore factory. Then you don’t need to be worried about it. this is very simple and easy way to get on it.

For this, you have to go in setting and click on Reset to Factory Default Settings in phone settings of your iPhone 6.

Let’s move ahead to learn how to restore your data from iCloud;

  1. First of all, you need to go for Setup Assistant process at initial stages.
  2. Now pick up restore option from your last backup.
  3. Now you will be completed your restoration process within few moments.
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