Does iPhone 4 have a sim card

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Does iPhone 4 have a sim card

The contributor recognition is carried out by sim card. Does iPhone 4 have a sim card? As this sim card runs with your personal information and use to connect you with network carrier wirelessly from your Apple device iPhone 4.

How to Open the SIM Card on iPhone 4 tray?

When you decide to replace your older phone with new one. The mac Forums recommend you to remove your sim card from your handset tray to secure your private information.

How to Open the SIM Card on iPhone 4 tray

While you are selling your iPhone 4 for you customize need. Then you have to use latest techniques and tricks to protect your information for Does iPhone 4 have a sim card.

  1. By using iPhone 4 sim card, you have to make it straight with finishing portion of paperclip. Then you can make it sure with tiny paperclip to act as wire connection with small enough to set narrow as pinhole on your sim card tray.
  2. There is a facility given by Apple company for the removal of sim card by using special tools.
  3. Your iPhone 4 sim card tray is located on the right section of your handset body.
  4. Now you have to put your straight end portion sim card made by paperclip or you have to use tools to removal Apple sim card removing process in pinhole.
  5. Once you have done this in pinhole, then you will see that sim card tray from your iPhone 4 comes out.
  6. Now hold that sim card tray with your fingers and drag out from sim card tray containing sim card from your iPhone 4.
  7. Finally, you are at the stage where you can remove or put microSD sim card into sim card tray of your iPhone 4.

Activating a SIM for an iPhone 4

Now if you have bought new iPhone 4 and want to start using sim card with your device. Does iPhone 4 have a sim card, you have to follow the steps with you over there.

  • Grab your iPhone 4 to inset sim card for activation.
  • Then you have to put a pinhole to come out sim card tray with microSD card having your information with identity.
  • When your sim card tray comes out, and put sim card into it. then you have to push back sim card tray into tray port.
  • Now you have to switch on your iPhone and unlock it.
  • Make sure a connection of your iPhone 4 with your computer system. And go to iTunes of your iPhone 4.
  • Then, you have to press on Continue option with iTunes windows.
  • Finally, you have to tap on Activate to accomplish your process.
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