HP MediaSmart Server software installation disc download – Follow the instructions outline for the keen option to choose points in the way of installation. Just apply your document to the HP MediaSmart Server installation disc download. You have to note down a few key points in the installation of the HP document MediaSmart.

To do a nice document installation in HP MediaSmart, you need to do an initial installation for Windows PCs. However subsequent installation functioning has been done only on Mac PCs and Windows PCs.

Document installation

What is the document HP MediaSmart server installation? If you are looking for a way of process to the installation of the HP MediaSmart Server. Then Themacforum.com is here to brief you about authentic document installation for HP MediaSmart Server.

Click on the installation for consumers’ programming software via browsing engine and installation can also be occurred through software programming disc to HP MediaSmart server consumers’ consumptions and windows connectivity arranged other PCs over a system network.

Installation via software disc

Pick a document software disc to install the server on HP MediaSmart installation.

  1. Then you have to insert your software installing disc into the computer PC system. Your necessity consumes directorial civil liberties to make the installation.
  2. Furthermore, the detail put you forward for installing process with the software on other PC.
  3. Thus you have to follow the commands & directories during the installation process on a computer system. Even installing the HP MediaSmart process is matching to primary PC system excluding for the succeeding point;
  • Home server windows setup can’t work.
  • Passcode is necessary to get installation.

Installation from window servers

Installation from window servers

For getting document installation of HP MediaSmart from Windows using server, you need to pick follow the instruction in the way of process for installation function and periods of setup;

  • Just push on the Start button and go ahead with Run.
  • Use UNC address for connectivity over the network.

Installation from browser server

When you have the desire to get installation from the browser by using the server on tips and addresses. So keep following these values;

  • Cluck on the window button and unlock the window on a running browser and searching engine. However, pick the instruction as given below: //hpserverex:55000.
  • Next you have to rename the window address variously by your server and push the Download button.
  • Consequently, a file is downloaded and installed giving you a security notification and warning to explore the internet. This happening will go on the way to the dialog box getting turned up.
  • The step has come when this dialog box has unlocked by getting started around the software. So that’s getting loaded and installed via browsing server.
  • Now to warm your documented HP MediaSmart server, you have to furnish it by pushing “Next” and getting installed completion over there.
  • After clicking on “Next”, “Installed Wizard” will be unlocked and provide you for the rest of your life to installation.

Process for Usual options on a Computer system

When you have completed the installation process with whole steps and instructions for HP MediaSmart Server installation of document from software disc. Now you have to consider some additional and extra options to accomplish on the way to get started with your HP MediaSmart server.;

  1. The PC system is robotically processed with getting installation from the software disc. Then you can get establish back up routine-wise.
  2. To ensure your backup customization by making a secure setting with a computer system. You have to experience it carefully.
  3. If you have construct a solo server account in window browser over single or more networks. It is always necessary to build a user server account for your setup PC system over there.
  4. When you get access to all of the necessary features require and installed on your computer system then extra information is used to build your Window server home button for help.
  5. There is an additional setup when you want to get your photos, videos, and any audio content with a file on your system. Then you have to create your server cloud space with a browser window on your HP MediaSmart server with document installation of software disc discover there.

Computer system with Backup & Restore

When you have accomplished your previous steps with the installation of a running window disc on a PC system. Then robotically installed software HP MediaSmart Server is add to your system’s list with quick backup.

Computer system with Backup & Restore

If you want to make a backup by default on your computer system. Then keep following these given instructions with significant figures;

  • Just click on the window sever home button icon at the “Computer” system.
  • Then you have to log in to window server home setup to ensure HP MediaSmart Server after getting the installation of documents from software disc and put you forward on the way.
  • Now at this step, push on the button given for Computers&Backups in the option.
  • In the way of getting ensure about the option of a Computer system with the Backup and restore option. Now click on the perfect option to choose “Configure Backup”.

Now you get the perfect Configure backup done with you.

Media collector General Setting- Configuration

Get into your system and double tap or click on the PC for Windows home server icon and next you have to log on for next.

  • Push the button with “Media” & HP Media Collector in the displayed menu.
  • Now get configuration by getting access via pressing the icon button of configuring Menu.
  • When get enter into the General setting you will come across the “Available Computer” and press on “Enable for collection”.
  • When you ensure the enable of the Media collector, then it robotically filters the system connected over a network for media. Important note: media collectors can’t pick the filter for available and collector box.

Upgradation & Reel Back Server

Upgradation & Reel Back Server

In the magnificent section of document installation of HP MediaSmart Server from Software disc to download. Get your HP upgradation to carry on full setup and functions with your server and network connectivity over the computers with the latest and modern version software online help with up to date features.

Robotically up to date your window server

In window home server icon usage, upgradation occurred just because of getting configuration HP MediaSmart Updates.

Robotically up to date your window server

Consequently, you have to click and choose the option “Automatically download and Install upgradation” if you select to set configuration with HP server. Then you don’t require any extra action to install with updates in the background automatically.

Manual upgradation

  1. Over the system of your PCs, press energetically on the window home server icon in a network system.
  2. Then you need to press on the “General Setting” option to get magnificent features with the window home server safe button.
  3. In the “General setting”, you have the choose by clicking on “HP MediaSmart Server” on the left bar side of the display menu and get start with HP media Updates.
  4. Then move on to “check for updates” to experience the real-time date hand features.
  5. When there is a necessity to check on any required updates in your PC system. Then you have to find, that your window system finds any update thrown by the network and notifies you.
  6. Then press on the “Next” button to move ahead in process of window home server upgradation after the installation of HP MediaSmart Server from the software disc to download. Consequently, if keep on the default option built-in your server system on window home.

Installation and upgradation copied for window home Server

Installation and upgradation copied for window home Server

In this section, you have to download updated software from the official HP site.  Then by hand install the software for the Windows home server icon by clicking the copied option to the server. Once upgradation is done on your window server complete all steps.

  • Now click on your window home server icon at the computer system over network connectivity then press to log on.
  • Click on the topmost right edge over Setting and move on HP MediaSmart Server to get upgradation over the menu bar.
  • Now you need to check for updates link in the window home server icon over your network system. So now to check for updates on your line, you have to visit wizard for pending updates to get started on the way.
  • By moving through the Search button and clicking on the search file. Now you can get a full opinion on the way to browse your file copied on your server in the search engine that will direct you toward file updates.