How to root galaxy s4 active?

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How to root galaxy s4 active

This is the best lecture to teach you about how to root galaxy s4 active? So here today you will learn what is the root of the Samsung galaxy s4 with GT 10295. The best and simple way to root Samsung s4 is now available here with the safest root procedure.

This is a well-known understanding for the activation of the root of the galaxy s4 with GT 19295 5-inch display size and HD screen resolution power.

Easily Root Samsung Galaxy S4 Active SGH-i537

That is why galaxy s4 is presented you with amazing build-in quality and the latest innovation in case of design. This lecture is powered by The Mac Forum. Consequently, Samsung offers you the best opportunity for the rooting of Galaxy s4 109295 with excellent performance.

As this brand permits you to use your smartphone at high rates. you will not face any restrictions when using the root feature on your Samsung s4 after activation of it.

In that case, when you have installed root activation on your Samsung galaxy s4, you will be allowed to install and use custom applications, ROM, and Customized settings on your smart galaxy s4 cellphone over the place.

Get Ready for Root of Galaxy s4 active

Get Ready for Root of Galaxy s4 active

While you need to get started with the root of the Samsung s4 to activate this feature on your smartphone.  You need to get some preparation to start. Here are some points that should you follow;

  • Initially, you have to make a strong backup for your data on your galaxy phone s4.
  • Then you have to make sure your phone battery life should be at least 80%.
  • Finally, confirm the power supply to your computer system should be stable while getting start root process.
  • Now at the end of preparation, you have to install some tools which are necessary for the root process of Galaxy s4 activation.  These tools are Odin, USB Driver, and CF-auto-root.

Steps how to root Galaxy s4 active

After getting all the preparatory measures, now you have to get started with the root process of Samsung s4 activation. Here are some directions to follow for the root of galaxy s4 active;

Steps how to root Galaxy s4 active

  1. At the start, you have to install the USB driver tool on your computer system.
  2. Then download the root tool named Odin tool and CF-auto-root tool folder on your pc system and get all files from the extraction of zip folder in the same place.
  3. After installing and downloading all required tools and files to be extracted. Now you have to get started with USB debugging mode over there on your Samsung galaxy s4 open your phone Settings and go to Developer options to click on USB debugging and get confirmation from it.
  4. At this stage, you have to go to Downloading Mode and power off your cellphone for a while. then you have to long-press the low volume button over there in contrast to the key button.
  5. Both buttons should press at the same time and hold for some time. Now release your pressure on both buttons. Here you will notice that ODIN mode or download mode in the window will be opened.
  6. Now you will be warned by sending you a warning message on your display screen press the high-volume key button on the side of your smartphone to get entered into download mode and continue this process for the root of galaxy s4 active over there.
  7. Here you will find odin.exe. a couple of clicks of odin.exe and associate your smart device with your computer system through a USB cable. And get started with downloading mode over your connection of the device with your computer system.
  8. This connection of your device with pc system with odin.exe double clicks detect your smartphone device and you will be given COM port and messages for your connection of conformation with you.
  9. For now, you have to select the PDA option button in the Odin tool and click on the CF-auto-root file tool. Then your PDA button requires you the confirmation for the CF-auto-root file location.
  10. Then you have to go to your browser and click ibn CF-auto-root file with Odin tool folder and click where you have saved your file location.
  11. Now get started with the Odin tool by clicking on the start button.
  12. Finally, your root process of Samsung s4 activation is started now/ it will take some time to accomplish. After completing the root process with GT-19295, you will find a green box over there with odin.exe.
  13. At termination, your phone will be rebooted automatically, and you will get a confirmation message on your smartphone in the Odin window. Now, break your connection of the device with your pc system and start using your phone with the app menu
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