How to improve education system in Pakistan has been a topic in debated for many years in Pakistan. It is still under discussion like how to improve it with current resources? How can we utilize our energies to cope with the prevailing educational issues of Pakistan? are we fully prepared to launch one uniform educational system in all cities of Pakistan?

Political Consensus is must for Having improvement:

Have we prepared an educational agenda that can raise the literacy rates in Pakistan? We don’t seem united whenever there is a debate on equal educational system in Pakistan. our political consensus is most important. We need a solid policy and debate in senate to raise the standard of education.

Pakistani education system is having very complex type of structure. There are some public or private organizations which have impact on our education system. We need to bring the concerns of teachers and students as well whenever we try to improve the education standard in Pakistan.

In a larger definition the Pakistani education system would be involving the institutions (like government ministries and regulatory body, central testing companies, textbook accreditation and boards boards) which are directly involved in funding, managing, operating or regulating educational schools, colleges or universities.

The problems of Pakistan in education sector are a lot at students’ level or at faculty level. If we discuss them individually, then we can deal with educational issues successfully. How to improve education system in Pakistan also involves first of all to increase the monetary benefits for teachers.

We need to improve the financial packages for faculty

Especially, in Government or public sector institutes the faculty is facing financial problems. Their salaries are not high that’s why they cannot put their 100% efforts in their respective branches. Majority of the students either belong to middle class or poor class families in Pakistan. We need to give them best education standard. Private sectors colleges or universities pay a lot to their faculty members. Consequently, these faculty members seem quite busy in carrying out the teaching tasks on daily basis. But in such institutes we don’t see high quantity of students. So, we need to focus where most of the students go and get education.

Some points are important to bring in discussion for this question like, how to improve education system in Pakistan?

  • We should re-introduce the technical skills in our primary and secondary schools as soon as possible
  • There should be an increase in vocational institutes and technical education institutes in Pakistan
  • Public expenditure to improve the education system in Pakistan and to enhance the skills generation, is a must have factor.
  • There should be focus on scientific education in most of our colleges and universities.
  • Quality of education should not be comprised for faculty cost packages.

Social restrictions to improve education standard in Pakistan

You should understand that the issues which obstruct the availability of education are not only due to problems with administration by federal government but some of them are seriously based within the social as well as cultural direction of individuals. Alleviating the latter is tough and will need a general change in mindset of individuals, for the time being universal primary education is hard to accomplish.

Combined Education Policy 2020

There is a need for implementation of national education vision and policy 2020 education goals. First we need to check what are the weakness of educational national policy 2018-2019 and why are we not able to implement that in true sense.

If we have implemented the previous policies, then what are the causes that we are still behind in education sector? We need to seek solutions and implement in all provinces of Pakistan at same time. Practically there are several shortcomings in out plans, despite the fact that an analysis of education policy indicates clearly that at the policy phase there are several admirable suggestions.

But how to implement these admirable tips? There is a basic thing, is our bureaucracy ready to follow these steps for the improvement of education system of Pakistan? That’s the point which we must analyze before passing new budget. We need to take full willingness of our bureaucracy because these the officials who will see the things practically.

A uniform program can be introduced in educational institutes of the nation, even though it may not be very feasible or ideal for the government at the moment to implement uniform training/coaching system in Pakistan.

  1. The fee system for parents should be favorable and easy to control.
  2. Our education must not lead only towards getting certificate rather it should be industry focused degree
  3. What is the demand of IT sector? What do our medical companies require? What are the requirements of engineering companies these are the things which must be defined in our degree programs? If our 16-18 years’ education does not make us capable to produce sufficient revenue each month or we remain dependent on other persons even after getting degrees then believe me, we are not having quality education system.
  4. We need to make IT or infrastructure of our educational institutes students and faculty friendly

These are some crucial factors whenever we talk about how to improve the education system in Pakistan?

Federal Government ought to perform a helpful part towards the regions for the earlier conformity on the constitutional responsibility set throughout Article 25-A. Exclusive funds can be presented to the provinces in which the literacy rates are very low.

Pakistan is not the only country which is trying to improve the education standard here rather we should note that most of the south Asian countries are making efforts to improve the education system. Corruption is no doubt main concern that we should try to eliminate from our region if we want changes in true sense.

All planning will be meaningless if don’t spend what is written in budget? Every year we see millions rupees’ funds for education sector but the spending is not very visible. This factor must be sorted out if we want to have clear answer about how to improve the education system in Pakistan?


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