How to End a Phone Interview? Any type of job interview may be awkward and stressful for both parties involved. Due to the lack of body language and facial reactions, phone interviews might be even more difficult. Luckily, whether you’re the candidate or the interviewer. There are several actions you can take to end a phone interview on a favorable note.

Covering up a Phone Interview as the Candidate

As the candidate, you should take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions when the interviewer inquires. Prepare questions to ask the interviewer. Prepare for the interview by doing some opening research on the position and the firm. As well as writing down any questions you may have. Write down any extra questions that come to mind throughout the interview as the interviewer is speaking. Ask 1-3 of your questions. In order of importance, when prompted.

Covering up a Phone Interview as the Candidate


  • Question examples: Can you offer me some instances of the company’s most and least attractive characteristics of culture? What is it about working here that you love the most? Do you have any hesitations regarding my suitability for this job?
  • During the initial interview, refrain from inquiring about rewards.

Could you please tell me when should I expect a follow-up?

How to End a Phone Interview? Inquire about the next steps in the employment process from the interviewer. Before you hang up, double-check that you know when you may anticipate a callback. If the interviewer does not provide you with this information, you should request it. Also, inquire if the email is the best way to contact the interviewer in the future. Make a note of the information you’ve been given so you don’t forget it.

  • Do not contact the interviewer before the time they have specified. For example, if they claimed they’d contact you in four weeks, don’t call them two weeks later to inquire what’s up.

Repeat to the interviewer how enthusiastic you are about the job

Repeat to the interviewer how enthusiastic you are about the job

End the call by expressing your interest in the position. Particularly now that you’ve learned more about it. Also, make a point of mentioning one or two abilities or experiences that would be ideal for the role. This statement should be no more than one or two sentences long. How to End a Phone Interview? Before you call, think about what you want to say or even write it down so you don’t get nervous and forget what you meant to say.

  • Make sure you don’t come across as begging or pleading for the job. Instead, explain your excitement about the position and how delighted you’d be to join the team.
  • Make sure that any talents, qualifications, or experiences you list are relevant to the position. Alternatively, explain how a skill you have can be successfully translated into the work.

If the interviewer makes an offer, consider it

If the interviewer offers you the position over the phone, don’t take it straight away. Ask some follow-up questions to make sure you understand all of the job’s critical facts. For example, inquire about the payment package, and the start date. The location of your position, your supervisor, and any other related inquiries. Tell the interviewer you’ll need some time to think about the offer and give them a timeframe for when you’ll call or email them back.

If the interviewer makes an offer


  • Alternatively, if you are certain you want the job, accept it right away.
  • If you need more time to consider the offer. Don’t be hesitant to tell the interviewer. If you accept the offer too quickly. You may miss out on the opportunity to discuss some aspects of it.
  • If you need more time to consider the offer, give the interviewer a deadline for when you’ll respond. Then, within that time range, follow up.

End the phone call professionally to make a positive impression

How to End a Phone Interview? Don’t go on and on about the job or how badly you want it. Keep your final few phrases brief, professional, and short. Wait for the interviewer to hang up the phone before responding in kind. If the interviewer hasn’t yet suspended up the phone, don’t wait.

  • Remember that the final thing you say on the phone may be the most memorable to the interviewer.

Within 24 hours after the phone interview, thank the interviewer

Within 24 hours after the phone interview, thank the interviewer

Begin by thanking the interviewer for the chance and expressing your interest in the position in an email. In the email, include any further questions you have, but no more than two. If the card will arrive promptly, send it instead of an email. How to End a Phone Interview? Alternatively, if the card will take a while to arrive, send a card along with the email. Click Here

  • Unless the interviewer works for the same firm. Don’t send your card over an internal company mail system.