How Many Light Bulbs are Used in Christmas Vacation? When Clark Griswold eventually gets his holiday house display to work in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”, it is one of the most memorable scenes (after many failed attempts).

But how much would it cost today to power “25,000 imported Italian twinkling lights”?

Light Bulbs Used in Christmas Vacation

According to Themacforums, running all 25,000 Christmas lights for five hours a day for 31 days in 2019 would cost $3,699.85. It would only cost $68.71 if you use LED holiday lights, which are now commercially accessible.

This year marked the 30th anniversary of the film “Christmas Vacation”, which is set in suburban Chicago. AMC screened the film in theatres earlier this month to commemorate the occasion. This weekend, movie theatres in Warrenville and Bolingbrook are still screening the film.

Everything You Need to Know About the Light Show Honoring National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Greg grew up watching Christmas Vacation with his family every Christmas Eve, and he’s taken it a step further by recreating Griswold’s’ light display in his own house.

Everything You Need to Know About the Light Show Honoring National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

‘250 stands of lights; 100 bulbs per strand; for a total of 25,000 imported Chinese twinkle lights,’ according to the exhibit. Santa, the eight small reindeer, and the Merry Christmas sign must not be forgotten.

Not to mention the pile of “garbage” containing relics from Griswold’s’ celebrations (the charred chair, the shredded sled, the burnt tree). When you arrive at the house, turn on your radio to 102.3 for some “very nice” music.