Often we hear the saying that education is not as much important as money nowadays. How Does Education Change Mind-sets? They say that in the end students also become employees, or even say that being educated does not guarantee wealth and success. Then they continue the same statement that private university graduates can become successful entrepreneurs. So higher education is not important.

How Does Education Change Mind-sets?

How Does Education Change Mind-sets?

However, it is not the right statement or correct concept because education tells us how to generate money and resources. Through education a lot of persons are conducting business The point is not that. The essence of education is not that bad. The following are the reasons why you must be highly educated.

Productive Knowledge for development:

Education always provides knowledge, whatever its form. We can know the vastness of the world, understand the values ​​of goodness and truth and apply them in life. The books of

  • accounting,
  • medicine,
  • chemistry,
  • psychology,
  • art
  • philosophy

that you read with lecturers and professors on campus will never be in vain, absolutely not.

Even so with the books you read in the school library in your teenage years always teach you variety of beautiful little things.

On a higher level, you can become a scientist, create something to help human life. If you don’t want to be fancy, you can use science to teach your children later about everything. Smart mothers and fathers give birth to intelligent children which means a more professional leadership or youth we will have for our country Pakistan.

Everyone’s comfort zone is different, some are comfortable with being an employee, some are comfortable being an entrepreneur. Both are equally good, with a good goal too, which is to be useful for themselves and their families.

First, if you want to become an employee, for a high position it is undeniable that of course you need a professional diploma. The higher education means the higher the position and income. This is a fact that helps a lot in attaining good position at your current organizations.

University degree opens up entrepreneurship doors

How Does Education Change Mind-sets?

Second, if you want to be an entrepreneur, education is also important. You need the science of management to manage your business operations, the science of accounting to manage your finances, the science of taxation to fulfil your obligations to the state, the science of entrepreneurship to deal with market competition to the science of psychology to deal with a variety of business colleagues and customers.

Inspirational stories that you read about someone who did not have an education and succeeded may be one person out of thousands persons. And they are special people in the world whose hard work may be a thousand times as compared with ordinary men, whose hours of sleep may be only one or two hours a day or a week.

Skill also influences. But to fulfil the first requirement in job vacancies is a minimum of high school education or graduate degree and so on. Our skills must be of high quality. If you do not have a diploma, you cannot even submit a proposal, right? Without proper education you cannot make deals with international organizations.

Local trade now involves many types of documentations. If you are unable to manage and arrange the legal documents for your business, then you will need to hire some agent’s services and ultimately it will increase your cost.

So, we can say proper education decreases the cost for a business. When there is low cost or expenditures then ultimately the profit or productivity ration get increased. The management always wants to increase the returns every year. A good manage knows very well that how to find out most feasible opportunities for a business.

How to improve mind-sets?

How Does Education Change Mind-sets?

Education will help you achieve things that you initially doubted. New things that you can also form, it is due to, better mind-sets. You will understand what is importance of truth, honesty, justice and most importantly humanity. In fact, education makes someone more mature in thinking and acting.

Your mind-set will also teach you to behave well with other fellow beings. You can get these values if you are qualified from a top institute. Better environment for almost all organizations will matter a lot. Environment becomes friendly due to the trained and professional employees.