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Hotmail con

Hotmail con was an online e-mail service started by JACK SMITH and SABER BHATIA in 1995. It was later developed by Microsoft in December 1997. By 2001, Hotmail con has over 100 million users and had become one of the most popular webmail services available. It allowed users to read and send e-mail wherever there is internet access.

Hotmail con launched in 1996, Hotmail was one of the first public webmail services that could be accessed from any web browser. In 2011, Hotmail has been replaced with is a personal information manager web app from Microsoft consisting of webmail, calendaring, contacts, and tasks services.

What is Hotmail used for?

Hotmail con and Outlook express are both Microsoft services that help you manage your email. On the other hand, Hotmail is a web-based email client where anyone can get a free email account just by authorization. In December 2012, Hotmail was replaced with Users are being encouraged to switch to the new account before it becomes mandatory.

In February 2013, Microsoft claimed it is transitioning away from the Hotmail brand and moving more than 400 million users to the new brand. Well, Hotmail no longer occurs, all old e-mail addresses remain the same but have the new outlook online boundary. Although many users today have email addresses, the address now redirects to Microsoft’s site.

Hotmail con Expression & communication

Hotmail con is a free web email account provided by Microsoft. It comes with a free conversation account and can be used to send files of up to 10 Mb per message. When guys sign up, you create a username and password, then add information like your personal information like your name, desired, address, and phone number.

Since outlook express downloads mail to your PC. You can access your email account when your computer is disconnected and see the email that was downloaded the last time it was associated. The main difference between the two progress is that Hotmail is just a web-based email account where you can access only Hotmail.

While on the other hand, outlook express allows you to access email from other email providers through its account settings. Hotmail is available on any computer and operating system, which isn’t the case for Outlook Express.

Microsoft outlook in 2022

Well, users can still select when they generate a new email address, Microsoft phased out Hotmail in 2011 and relaunched the services as in 2012. is a web-based personal information manager containing webmail, calendaring, contacts, and task services. Some Authorization statistic of web includes:

  • Date launched: July 31, 2012
  • Languages supported: 79
  • Owner: Microsoft corporation
  • User: 400 million
  • Maximum attachment size: 20 megabytes

Hotmail con features in Microsoft

The main features of the webmail service include sending, receiving, and managing emails, and scheduling and managing meetings. It vents with’s calendar getting detailed information about the contact.

  • Altered email address: – Microsoft 365 supporters can make an altered email address that is connected with your post box. For example, [email protected]
  • Advanced email security: – As a Microsoft 365 ally, you get repaired security devices that help shield your inbox from phishing and malware. Read up on advanced security for allies.
  • Email encryption: –com fuses encryption and hinders sending features that ensure your ordered and individual information you share through email stays mixed and doesn’t leave Microsoft 365. This is important when you have no confidence in the recipient’s email provider to be secure. Get more to know mixed messages.
  • Ad-free place of collaboration: – Microsoft 365 supporters participate in an advancement free letterbox. Without ads, you have fewer interferences and appreciate faster page load times.
  • Greater post box limit: – Microsoft 365 allies get 50 GB of email storing as an enrollment benefit. You’ll have 50 GB of email gathering accessible to you.
  • Premium assistance: – Microsoft 365 enrollments fuse premium client care, so accepting you need to contact Microsoft for help, you’ll get our generally critical degree of organization.

What is Hotmail con used for?

Microsoft Hotmail con is an application that is used on a very basic level to send and receive messages. It’s in like manner used to direct various types of individual data including plan courses of action. It has practically identical sections, tasks, contacts, and notes.

Which is Better Outlook or Hotmail?

There is no huge differentiation between Hotmail and stance both of them are different space names of Microsoft. So the perspective was naming after the Microsoft office suite. Presently and going on it has no effect. Users can still select when they generate a new email address.

Should I change my Hotmail con to Outlook?

We highly recommend that you rise to with your present Hotmail account, instead of making another record. Accepting you want a new email address, at, this article lets you know the most effective way to add one to your present record.

Is Hotmail a Google account?

To address your request essentially, NO, Hotmail isn’t significant for Google. Also, your Hotmail record won’t be lost once you delete your Google account. Trust this has an effect.

Is Hotmail con still valid?

Microsoft closed that help a very long time earlier, and all Hotmail con clients are using its current support at is more state-of-the-art than Gmail. But the two organizations are recharged all too consistently. You are, clearly, at this point using a Hotmail address.

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