High-Profile Users Allowed to Break Platform

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High-Profile Users Allowed to Break Platform

“High-Profile Users Allowed to Break Platform”, Nearly 6 million of Facebook’s most prominent users have been released from facing punishment for harming the platform’s rules.

According to a themacforums.com study, Facebook gives high-profile users special treatment. Including immunity from its rules for certain, and allowed Brazilian footballer Neymar to share nude photos of a woman who had blamed him for rape.

According to a Wall Street Journal investigation, the XCheck or "Crosscheck" system directs assessments of posts by well-known users like celebrities, politicians, and journalists to a different system. Some users are "whitelisted" meaning they are not vulnerable to enforcement action. While others are allow to upload stuff that breaches Facebook policies pending content reviews. Which frequently do not occur.

XCheck Use to Detect High-Profile Users Allowed to Break Platform

According to the study, Facebook employs a system known as "XCheck" or "cross-check" to detect High-Profile Users Allowed to Break Platform accounts that may pose public relations issues as a result of their activities.

Any concerns about XCheck account activity we’re meant to be routed to an internal staff for review. This group is said to be distinct from the content currently employed by Facebook.

XCheck Use to Detect High-Profile Users Allowed to Break Platform

However, the Journal research revealed that after XCheck posts were detect. They often received little more inspection. In some cases, filthy posts were left up for several weeks on Facebook before being remove via other channels.

Internal papers reveale the check posts have been viewed a total of 16 billion times before being remove, according to a themacforums.com study.

Facebook’s Oversight Committee

The study represent a harsh response from Facebook’s Oversight Board. An independent body tasked with checking Facebook and Instagram content.

Facebook’s Oversight Committee

The Oversight Board tweeted, "The Oversight Board has expressed its concern on many occasions about the lack of transparency in Facebook's content moderation processes. Particularly about the company's inconsistent management of high-profile accounts."

“The Board has frequently recommended that Facebook be significantly more transparent in general. Particularly concerning its management of High-Profile Users Allowed to Break Platform or accounts,” the Board said, “while ensuring that its policies treat all users fairly.”


Facebook’s Andy Stone pushed back against the reporting, saying it was based on “outdated data”. “We recognize that our enforcement is imperfect. There are adjustments between speed and accuracy”. Stone told the Wall Street Journal.

Increased Awareness of High-Profile Users

The report comes at a time when Facebook’s external problems are becoming more serious. According to Reuters, a special committee looking into how social media companies influence the 6 January attack on the US Capitol by a domestic terrorist. Organizations have demanded large amounts of data from Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and other sites.

Increased Awareness of High-Profile Users

High-Profile Users Allowed to Break Platform, Meanwhile, Facebook executives have testified before several Congressional committees in recent months. As lawmakers seek new measures to control social media and the spread of misrepresentation.

A hearing on social media data management will be held by the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee. The hearing was suppose to take place on September 14th, but it has been postpone to a later date.

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