Conditionally this situation occurs when you are required to hide songs on your iPhone. Probably this happens when you don’t want to show your music gallery or list downloaded from iTunes. This situation leads to a need to hide your songs on your iPhone.

As you have some privacy and secrete songs with sweet memories and desire to put all of these favorite and memorable songs to show only with you in a safe file. Then also you want to keep them in secret folders.

Can I hide purchased songs from the Music application on iPhone?

Then you have to get service on how to hide songs on your iPhone. All of this is only by the keen efforts of The Mac Forum.

There is also a situation that happened when you need to delete some unrequired songs from your music gallery or iTunes.

These songs may be downloaded by mistake or now you are fed off from your old songs and need to get new lists from your music gallery or videos. This is also case happened in daily routine life with every iPhone user.

Hide iTunes purchases on iPhone

In that case, you need to hide or delete unwanted music data or videos from your iPhone. Because this is the best way to cancel out your fatigue t having such unwanted listed on your Apple brand smartphone.

That is why in this articles we are going to have an educational understanding related to the hiding of songs or removal of songs on iPhones.

Don’t show Your iPhone Music

We have cases for your need to hide or delete your music songs on your iPhone. Consequently, Apple has given you total freedom for this sake.

For this, you have to do nothing, just select your files and go to hide for label and you have achieved hiding of your songs on your iPhone.

This is an amazing feature given by Apple company to its customers to hide secret songs and music without showing just only you.

In this way, now you are at the stage of personal songs and music with your favorite and secrete taste to enjoy your personal time.

How to Hide and unhide music on iPhone?

How to Hide and unhide music on iPhone

If you want to get all music privacy enabled on your iPhone, then you have to follow the steps which are given down;

  • First of all, you need to go to your iPhone Settings and then go to Music.
  • Now you have to switch your settings for Show Apple Music.

This setting will lead to hiding your favorites on your iPhone and experiencing incredible music with your memories. You can do this for you not only music gallery but also do best downloaded from iTunes.

Delete your Downloaded Songs on iPhone

When you have a list of songs on your iPhone. But you need to remove your old songs as they cover up maximum space in your phone storage from a long time and you want to spare your phone storage.

Then you have to relax your space by deleting songs and want to add new songs on your iPhone or from iTunes. So now you need to know how to delete your unwanted material from your iTunes.

For this, you have given an easy and simple method in the way to relieve your Apple device from unwanted stuff.

  • Unlock your iPhone and open Phone Settings and go to General Settings.
  • Then, click on Phone Storage on your iPhone.
  • Now you have to search the option Music Label and press on it to continue.
  • Finally, get noticed all your music lists there on your iPhone. To remove your songs, click on Edit and go next for swipe to left next by a single click on every song.
  • In this, your deleting mission is successfully accomplished now.

How I get hide my songs on my iPhone from iTunes?

Sometimes, you have downloaded or bought songs from iTunes on your iPhone. Then you need to delete or hide your songs. This need happens in this way if you have used to fro your songs or are fed up with them.

Or when you desire to put your favorite songs in privacy to your iPhone’s favorites file that only shows you. These are the condition under which you have to put your songs hide or delete them from iTunes. But how? This is the question that you want to know.

How I get hide my songs on my iPhone from iTunes

The process to Hide or remove songs from iTunes

Then you don’t be confused about it. The Mac Forum brings you a simple and easy way to get your songs hidden or removed on your iPhone. Here we go for this;

  1. Get started with iTunes connected on your MacBook.
  2. Open your iTunes and click on the menu to go > Store > sign in with ID.
  3. Then you have to pick up the option for Purchased.
  4. Now click on Music from a pop-up bar in the window and go for a song track and press on the X option.
  5. Now you have to get navigation and move back to the library and select the songs for removal with iCloud.
  6. After making all settings, you have to go back to your Phone settings and click on iTunes and go to the app store to switch off your songs to be shown in the music library.