Get the top class hidden features of iPhone 5s including battery jump and optimization, alert flash light with latest speaking smart feature Siri. All happened with The Mac forum for Hidden features of iPhone 5s.

iPhone 5s Top Tricks & Hidden Feature

Apple company is well-known brand company which is most popular for its magnificent smartphones over the world. SO, iPhone has amazing features with limited surface iOS but most of the features with iPhone smart handsets are hidden with device. The mac Forum brings all hidden features for you.

This is very incredible thing to do with hidden features as they are most useful with incredible stuff over the phone but here are brought out for your that hidden features of iPhone 5s;

Sensitive Touch ID hidden feature of iPhone 5s

Here, this section is going on with full excitement as users are presented with latest technology of touch screen ID sensors on its screen surface.

No one can deny this reality that over the whole world, iPhone 5s is only one and first ever smartphone who has introduced firstly this feature of touch ID sensor on handset surface screen displays over you.

Before this features on iPhone 5s, all older smartphone for whole brands including Apple brand has Fingerprint touch senor with outside or backside of the smartphones. But this is only one first ever smartphone iPhone 5s, who has fingerprint feature on its surface screen.

In this way, your screen is now your touch ID sensor which allows you to unlock your smartphone with latest feature. This features brings its users a uniqueness and allows you to safe and comfort zone for its customers and iPhone lovers.

Alert flashlight hidden feature of iPhone 5s

Over the world, you have ever seen that most of smartphone present you a feature with slight blinking of small light when you have any notification on your device.

And you also have experienced the older iPhones with notification ringing sound and alert banners displayed over the screen of iPhone. This is all dedicated to mini notification alert on your Apple handsets.Alert flashlight hidden feature of iPhone 5s

But now Apple gives you prominent feature alert notifying quality when you have any notification over your device. Now iPhone 5s has full flashlight notification alert on your device with ringing.  To get this feature on your iPhone 5s, you have to follow a simple path that is given below;

  1. Click on iPhone 5s Settings and go to Generals Settings.
  2. Now tap on Accessibility and select on “Turn On Flash for Alert.

Font Size Upgradation

The phone display gets your text font size smaller ever you have any smartphone with you. And if you want to enhance your font size for with your desire, then you can do this. But this is only happened with your all phone applications.

Consequently, Apple gives you another unique and hidden feature to enhance your screen display font size with your aspiration. The dynamic settings for display font size increases with simple way.

Let’s have look this path to get font size increased over iPhone display;

  • Unlock your IPhone and click on phone Settings.
  • Go to General Settings.
  • Tap on Accessibility.
  • now you have to select your desire font size.

Battery Health Optimization

As you are familiar for the battery life issues related to Apple smartphones. Mostly users have serious concerns for it. so that is why, they have discovered some ways t get off this issues and enhance their phone battery life.

If you want to get this feature on your iPhone. Then you should be happy. Apple gives you the opportunity to optimize your battery life with your device.  For this, you have to get conformation with your device either your device is updated with latest version operating system of Apple.

  1. Unlock your device and click on Phone Settings.
  2. Tap on General Settings and go to Software Update

In this way, you will be sured either your device is updated or need to update. Get optimization and your device screen will me dimmed and lower brightness automatically to save the battery life and make it long duration for a while.

Turn your iPhone 5s Calendar Views

If you are facing some disturbance and distraction and forgot to do what you have decided to do. And you want to get reminder by using full calendar specification on your device. Then you have to get confirmation on your device for using of full calendar on your Apple device iPhone 5s.

However, you are able to view full day and month or even yearly routine by adjusting your reminder, appointments and events on your calendar to get reminder notification on your device.

Find your Apple device iPhone 5s

In this developed world, everyone has serious concerns related to his security and protection. What happened if you have lost your costly thing, or stolen your expensive car or smartphone or anything expensive.

Then you desire to get tracked your lost or stolen thing to trace and recover your lost. That is why, Apple too an initiative to protect your smart device by giving you’re an extra ordinary and smart intelligence feature with your device.

Consequently, this feature will work accurately I case of your mobile phone has stolen or lost from anywhere. To get this setting on your Apple device, you need to follow the steps;

  1. Unlock your device and open your phone Settings.
  2. Then, click on iCloud to continue.
  3. Now, you have to switch ON the option “Find My iPhone”.

Hidden Feature iPhone 5s Web Pins

One of the antique and hidden feature of iPhone 5s is here with the option to pins your favorite web clips on widgets at home screen surface.

This is somehow confusing feature, but here you will be estimated to understand that there is no loose hole to dig upon. As Apple operating system does not give you any permission to make pins widgets at your device’s prescreen surface of iPhone smartphone as this option require a lot of power supply.

That is why, Apple didn’t allow you this feature. But if you want to experience this feature on your device iPhone 5s, then you can get shortcuts feasibility over there. In this way, you are able to make shortcuts of your favorites websites to pins over the surface of home screen of iPhone 5s.

Switch over the Application on iPhone 5s

This is most demanded and best running feature over the whole world. As this option is related to switching over your phone application with only just one click over the home screen button and move on to another application which you want to run.

Probably, this feature was given in Samsung S5 galaxy series. That is why, Apple has introduced this feature over its latest version iPhone 5s smart device. This feature works with one click on home button and gets instruction from that home button.

That is why, you are given the options to choose all moving applications in minimize window tab. In this way, Apple 5s permits you to turn off and select another application from minimized window over there.

To get this feature over your smart device iPhone 5s, you have to make couple of clicks on home button of your device and get entered into a preview windows tab where you have to choose one option for application.

Enable Siri Smoother of iPhone 5s

as you are familiar of smart speaking feature of Siri in iPhone devices. But Apple has upgraded this feature in iPhone 5s to make it more useful and customize feature with your desire.

you can get this Siri smarter on your iPhone 5s by providing your additional information to Siri.