Hacks for iPhone 6s. there is no longer the most famous Apple smartphone like the iPhone 6s until the next and latest version models have been released there. As an Apple brand, the iPhone 6s is the biggest development in the era of that time.

6 Awesome iPhone 6s Hacks

You will be surprised to know about the most shining advantages of the Apple iPhone 6s with its most interesting features and quality for customers. This is a big revolution for Apple company from the earlier smartphone of IOS devices.

Consequently, you are presented with quite the most important features and steps to follow and keep your device strong and superhot. The Macforum is the most significant stage to assist you with the amazing hacks for the iPhone 6s.

1. Overview Display colors

Reading best page articles for amazing hacks for iPhone 6s is here with one of the best hacks. Whenever you are using the smart device at night time, then it will ring your eyes with serious damage.

Even when you are browsing your smartphone iPhone 6s at the night then you can now overview your display colors with can’t damage your eyes to toll down. You can get this feature in a simple way.

If you want this on your amazing featured Apple IOS iPhone 6s with this overview display eye prevention colors service with you then you have to do nothing just go to Setting and click on General to open Accessibility, then enable the “Invert Colors” option which will be displayed you there.

2. Access to required websites

When you are using web browser on your smart device, then desire to put your favorite website near you from one click in Bookmarks services. But Apple has brought you fantastic service of browsing in your IOS device.

If you want to save you required and favorite site just near to you. Then you can do this by saving those websites on the home screen display of your Apple device. To get this option on your Apple brand smart tool iPhone 6s, click on an export option and add it to the home screen.

3. Mute chat over the group

People hate when they have to face irrelevant messages in a group while making a chat on their device and get repeat notifications with ringing. Then they desire to get off all irrelevant notifications.

Therefore, Apple company has provided you best option to mute other irrelevant messages.

4. Self-destruction Pictures

Over the world, this is the latest technology and people are most familiar with and desire to use this service. So most of the people use this option on Snapchat to self-destruct pictures.

In this service, snapchat gives you the choice to send your videos and pictures to send while these are received to receivers, after opening this messages, destruction occurs by default on Snapchat.

So now Apple has introduced this service on its latest and smart tool deice iPhone 6s. Users can use this option to send videos and pictures to others and these are elf-destructed on the default setting.

5. Capture numerous pictures instantaneously

Before this technology click multiple photos on your camera. Consumers desire to get this service on their smart devices. For this, the Apple brand company introduced this on its latest version of the IOS 6s smartphone. By using tis features you can click numerous photos and images on your camera pone instantaneously.

6. Multiple apps tasking on the home screen

People want to use multiple applications over a single desktop home screen. that is why Apple has firstly introduced this option in the iPhone 6s with the latest technology to attract people. By using this multiple tasking option, you can use different applications and run to do your work in a single moment.

Final note

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