is there, you have GPS issue iPhone 6? Mostly, it was seen that Apple pone perform its action brilliantly but some tiny issues produced in iPhone working is ignored which are detected on some other time when you need to sue them.

Easy Ways to Fix iPhone 6 GPS Not Working

In present time, The Mac Forum detected this serious GPS issue iPhone 6. This issue occurred frequent times in iPhone 6 with regard to get assistant queries asked by users and customers who have been facing this issue widely over the world.

Easy Ways to Fix iPhone 6 GPS Not Working

Signs to have GPS issue happened in iPhone 6 are given below;

  • Lost GPS signals
  • Location is not updated by GPS service
  • Wrong location shown by GPS
  • Wrong direction by compass pointer
  • Didn’t find your location by using any application

If you have ever faced this issue in you iPhone 6 then you should fix this problem on your phone. Here you don’t need to be worried about it.

Conform your GPS signal

This is most and frequently happened issue. This issue is occurred when your GPS signal are weak and about to lost. This problem not support to work your iPhone properly.

Why this issue occurred in your iPhone? Because when are at any place related to metal body or where radioactive sphere is present then your GPS signals become weak or lost or about to lost. In this way, you are not able to work acutely.

If you are facing this sort of problem related to your GPS issue iPhone 6. Then you have to just move on any other place. Just replace your place where metal body or building is not present. Then your GPS signals become strings. Now you are able to work properly.

Make sure your Location

Sometimes, your GPS service not working and you are very disappointed. This issue specially occurs when you have not activated your location service on your device.

If your location service on your device is disable, then you GPS will not work properly. If you want to overcome this issue. Make sure you service location enable. If not. then you have to enable this service location on your iPhone device.

To do this, you just have to go to your phone setting and enable this service on your device smartphone Apple iPhone 6.

Set your Service Location on your Apple device 6

To set your service location on your device, follow the instruction given below;

  1. Unlock your iPhone 6.
  2. Now open your phone Settings.
  3. Then go to Location Service.
  4. Here, you will find the option to turn ON or OFF your location service.
  5. When you will turn ON this service location on your iPhone 6. Then it will take 20 seconds to refresh your location and your GPS issue will be resolved.

Refresh your iPhone 6

This is mostly used way to get off GPS issue iPhone 6. Whenever, you gave faced this problem on your device. This is probably just due to over working on your phone. Then your iPhone need to reset or refresh at that moment.

Many Apple applications are fetching more power, then GPS issue happened on your iPhone this case, you have to reset your phone.

For this, you have to long press on Sleep button with power button on your phone at same moment. Aft3r 10 second, your phone will be refresh or reset.

GPS signals iPhone 6

As you are well-known about the usefulness of GPS signals and working or this feature on your smart device. It assists you and make you comfort to track your location or any location that you want to track on your device. This feature works only headed on your recent location by GPS.

If you are frequently facing this problem on your iPhone 6. Then you have to refresh your location service or make sure your GPS signals either good or bad.

GPS signals are bad

If your GPS signals are bad, then this will happen only just due to your present at any place where building is made up of any metal body or radioactive particle which disturb your GPS signals to approach on your device.

And your device gets distracted ad work not properly. To get off this issue, you should change your position or place from there. When you will do this, you issue will have gone the air. Now you are relaxed.