The biggest question asked on this earth is how to get more cloud storage on Xbox 360? If you want to play games on more than one console gaming Xbox with your friends? Then here is an amazing storage capacity with Xbox 360.

Do you want to store your saved games and want to play for multiple connections with unlimited storage? Then you need to have Xbox 360 service with various console options to use your side.

Store your Xbox 360 Saved Games in the Cloud

Thus, this incredible Xbox 360 offers you to continue your games with your friends at your friend’s house by keeping save your storage space on your Xbox 360.

The Mac Forum will tell you how you can get extra storage and save your games with your Xbox 360 yourself for ultimate gaming seasons.

Necessary Measures for extra Cloud Storage on Xbox 360

For this, you have to keep significant and preparatory measures to have additional storage and thus you will be able to save your storage with Xbox 360 for multiple connections over there;

  1. If you want to play a game that you have saved with your storage cloud on Xbox 360. And now you want to play your saved game at another time and place. The first thing, that you should make sure of is the connectivity of the Xbox 360 with the Xbox server.
  2. Now, here you will see that your profile required an installation with Xbox 360 for any support. because you desire to get started with your saved game at that moment.

Get Started with the Need to play Saved Games on Cloud Storage of Xbox 360

To get accessible source and storage capacity for saved games to play over there, you have to follow the need before getting cloud storage for Xbox 360 multiple support consolation.

  • Initially, you have to subscribe Xbox 360 Live Gold Package
  • Then you have to connect any support with Xbox 360 to run smoothly with services.

Finally, you will get a 514 MB storage cloud on your support to run your saved game over Xbox 360 with a private cache.

Get Started with the Need to play Saved Games on Cloud Storage of Xbox 360

Xbox Cloud Game Saves

When you have got all your necessary measures to play games that you have saved on your Xbox 360 server, then you have to make a reservation for your private cache with any supporting server.

Now you can get started to play any saved game or save any playing game with Xbox 360 for multiple support. once you have enabled the option for saved games.

Then you will be asked every time before starting a new game, whether you want to start a new game or resume your saved game on your cloud storage on Xbox 360.

Steps to Enable Cloud Storage for Saved Games on Xbox 360

So in this way, every time you’re playing a game will be stored in your cloud automatically. To get this feature on your Xbox 360, you have to follow the steps;

  1. Click to sign in with your Xbox profile identity.
  2. Get started with the Dashboard of your Xbox 360 and click on Settings to go for System and tap to Storage option placed there on your dashboard of Xbox 360.
  3. Now you have to pick the device on which you want to move and save your game.
  4. Then, you have to select the game that you want to save on your cloud server with Xbox 360.
  5. Tap to Move to Cloud Saved Games.

Finally, you have successfully got the cloud storage setup for saved games on your Xbox 360.