Electrifying comparison for Galaxy s7 camera vs iPhone 6s is here with The Mac Forum. Here we go for this. Samsung company is well known brand for its most stylish and highly qualified smart devices over the world.

Samsung Galaxy s7 vs iPhone 6s hands on Camera Comparison

While wee searching for Galaxy s7 camera vs iPhone 6s with The Mac Forum. There you will be shocked to see the most interesting features and upgradation while getting comparison for Samsung s7 camera vs iPhone 6s.

The most prominent feature updated in Samsung brand history comes with the upgradation of Galaxy s7 camera. Therefore, Samsung gives you most vital range specification of its camera with smart model galaxy s7. As it presents you dual feature pixels with auto-focusing and latest version sensors for 12MPx.

Is Galaxy s7 camera is better than iPhone 6s?

In this way, Samsung galaxy s7 has proven the fastest selling and highly demand device over the world. and this is all happened just due to all kinds of lightening condition with the touch example of DSLRs camera result.

In addition to, Samsung gives you dual cam phase detection and auto focusing in working conditions. But here, about the camera of Apple iPhone 6s. it has phase detection with 5% around the operation of sensors.

While on the other hand, Samsung s7 camera has dual pixels and its phase detection is illegible to use all of it around the space. Samsung also has one achievement in competition of other brands’ smartphones like HTC promise to its customers for giving them larger focus pixels with low lighting but couldn’t do this.

That is why, Samsung has win the race by introducing this feature in galaxy s7. While when we look at Apple company then came to know that iPhone 6s has also this feature too with larger scale pixels.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. Apple iPhone 6s- Camera

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. Apple iPhone 6s- Camera

Samsung also beats LG’s smartphones with camera competition too by presenting wide range aperture approximately f/1.7, also beats iPhone 6s with Samsung s7 camera. Samsung also has one step clear edge by giving its users a brand style stabilization image optics with galaxy s7 camera vs iPhone 6s.

But here Samsung has downside with no offering you this stabilization opportunity in its plus models.  But Samsung tries to improve its image focusing quality in low-lightning with galaxy s7 plus.

But with every downside, upside achievements are also present you.  So here also Samsung gives you wild class feasibility to shoot in night mode for video recording and photo capturing.

Which is the best Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S?

Whereas, Apple put the capability of 4K high resolution quality in its camera while shooting with 3840.2160px quality. This is much plus point for iPhone 6s and stands this model upfront in the row of competition.

That is why, nothing to impress iPhone users in any android smartphone camera feature and quality.

When we talk about the features and specification of iPhone 6s camera quality. Then you will we pleased when you will get to know that Apple has given you best opportunity with Live Photos shooting for short 3-seconds video clipping. This is very unique feature that ever introduced by any brand before.

Smartphone Camera Shootout: Galaxy S7 vs. iPhone 6S

HTC brand offered you this feature in 2013 era. But iPhone has given you this Live Photos shooting with 3-seconds videos and success in its mission. Later on, Samsung also introduced this feature in its smartphones and named this feature a motion Photo.

Let’s move from optical features to photos clicking quality. In this case, both smart models galaxy s7 camera vs iPhone 6s has 12MP cameras. But here is tiny difference among them. Samsung s7 camera has wider range with slight quality with widescreen.