For Galaxy Note Edge vs iPhone 6 plus. Here is brief comparison among both smartphones. As Samsung note edge has introduced with some latest and new features over the world. Therefore, this innovation of brand new galaxy note edge is case off until you realize its features of having unique working with edge sides.

Compare Apple iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

However, Apple company also throwing its brand features with new and modern model smartphone like iPhone 6 plus. This is only smartphone which introduced you first time in history 5.5-inch. That is why, to compete with competitors, this time was very difficult for other same size brand smartphones.

The Mac Forum presents you most demanded comparison for Galaxy Note Edge vs iPhone 6 plus. So, here we are going to differentiate between both models and will understand with is better for which sector.

Compare Apple iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Price, Rates & Availability

To compare among Galaxy Note Edge vs iPhone 6 plus, the very first thing that everyone notice on time is price. So this comparison is based on price, rates and availability.

When we look at price rates of both models, then it is firmly noticeable that both are high range model with their brand features Samsung note edge and iPhone 6 plus. But here is clear difference for both models. Therefore, galaxy note edge has high rated smartphone than Apple 6 plus.

Build & Design

Design is also most important point by which everyone picks final decision on the time to buy smartphone. As Apple is most popular and well-known brand with its stunning design of iPhone 6 plus and style out aluminum Gold, Silver or Grey.

The most significant sign in iPhone 6 plus is its delicately rounded curved shape appearance of 7.1mm thin body and 172g weight. Users gets very amazing experience with beautiful outlook of iPhone t plus and incredible positioned rounded home button over the smartphone.

Drawbacks with Outlook & Design

But where something is most beneficial for us. There you have some drawback with that product. That is why, iPhone 6 plus has its drawback to down its status over the market and that is its outlook. its designed body is most sensitive for scratches.

Whereas, when we talk about Samsung Galaxy Note Edge with its outlook and design. Then you will not face the drawback issues like Apple iPhone 6 plus users have to face.  This galaxy note edge is available with posh body form.

Touch Screen Display Size

This segment leads to specific differentiation among galaxy not edge vs iPhone 6 plus. This is obvious to notice at the screen display and size of display while buying new smartphone.

Therefore, this is all about quality matter and in this case, Samsung galaxy not edge is heading on with standout status over the market with rivals. And the most shining features with makes it prominent among other is its rounded shape edges.

Display Size

That is why, in term of display size, galaxy note edge has fantastic state of size with 5.6-inch which is somewhat larger in size then iPhone 6 plus with 5.5-inch display. While, wherever discussion is related to resolution of both models, there also Samsung note edge has leading the frame and beats the resolution capacity of iPhone 6 plus.

Display Contrast for Galaxy Note Edge vs iPhone 6 plus

In contrast of resolution density and pixels quality, Samsung note edge has 2560.1440 with extra pixels of 160 points. That is why, this capability makes Samsung galaxy note edge the smartphone with Quad HD display.

Display Contrast for Galaxy Note Edge vs iPhone 6 plus

While on the other hand, when we talk about Apple brand feature iPhone 6 plus with its display quality.

Then you will also be surprised to see that iPhone 6v plus is also fabulous with 401ppi screen display portion and resolution is about b1920.1080, that stats make iPhone more favorable to get experience or watching movies and TV shows over its resolution.

Performance with hardware

This comparison is going very incredible as we are at hardware action and working speed. Over this point, you will be able to pick the right one.

Apple company is well-known brand by presenting you its most advanced features.  iPhone 6 plus is most demanded and best running smartphone over the history of Apple company due to anodization of super-class A8 chipset with M8-coprocessor. These features allow iPhone 6 plus to work smoothly and efficiently with 1GB RAM.

Most Powerful Smartphone with Performance

In this regard, your phone has become most powerful smartphone to meet the hunger of power apps.

While Galaxy Samsung not edge also most power heading smartphone with 2.7GHz quad-core Qualcomm and snapdragon processor of 805. This smartphone has the capacity of 3GB RAM to benchmark the power hitting application and drag them in a row to work with efficiency.

Cam shooter

Now moving into another feature in comparison of Samsung note edge vs iPhone 6 plus. As everyone is deep lover of having best camera to shoot his pictures. In this regard, Apple presents you 8MP rear camera with 1.5 micron-px in association with aperture of f/2.2 and stabilization of optical pictures over the smooth angle.

Software Performance

Software is one of the most amazing and significant factor in every electronic machine. So that is why, smart device has real-time concerns with better and latest software to work with modern technology and features. Therefore, this is very tricky aspect with private reference.

However, when software function comes in scratch condition, then you might get bad experience with software working. There will be no matter about the features and specifications of smartphones when it gets older with hanging functions.

Software- Samsung Note Edge vs iPhone 6 plus

Now let’s moves towards galaxy note edge vs iPhone 6 plus. Apple brand iPhone 6 plus has latest version operation system iOS 8 with this operating system might be not comfortable for those who have been android users from a long time.

Whereas, Samsung has announced its latest version 5.0 lollipop operating system which is updated operating system from previous KitKat 4.4 operating system. in this way, Samsung has most advanced operating system to work correctly.