Fox News, Once Home to Trump, Now Often Ignores Him – Donald J. Trump hasn’t appeared on Fox News in an interview in more than a year.

The Rupert Murdoch-owned network helped Mr. Trump advance from real estate developer and reality TV star to president. Now frequently overlooks him in favor of other Republicans.

The former president believes that Fox ignoring him is a much worse insult than circulating news and remarks that he has said are “too nasty”, according to two people who recently spoke with him. He is being effectively removed from his preferred location at the center of the news cycle by the network.

Fox News, Once Home to Trump, Now Often Ignores Him. Fox News decided not to air the event on July 22 as Mr. Trump rallied fans in Arizona and hinted that he would run for president in 2024, saying, “Maybe we should do it again.” This decision is consistent with how it has handled nearly all of Mr. Trump’s meetings this year.

Instead, the network ran Laura Ingraham’s interview with Ron DeSantis. The governor of Florida, who could challenge him for the Republican candidacy in 2024. It was the first of two primetime interviews Mr. DeSantis gave Fox over the course of five days. Shortly after speaking with Mrs. Ingraham, he was a guest on Tucker Carlson’s show.

Fox chose not to air Mr. Trump’s speech live when he addressed a conservative group in Washington this week. Instead, once he was done speaking, a couple of clips were displayed. It did air a live 17-minute speech by former vice president Mike Pence on that same day.

Fox News, Once Home to Trump, Now Often Ignores Him

One individual who spoke with Mr. Trump noted that he recently complained to his advisers about how even Sean Hannity, a buddy of 20 years, doesn’t seem to pay him any attention any longer.

Fox News, Once Home to Trump, Now Often Ignores Him. According to numerous people close to Mr. Murdoch’s Fox Corporation who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the company’s operations, the omissions are not random.

Murdoch-owned publications The New York Post and The Wall Street Journal both issued scathing editorials this month criticizing Mr. Trump’s handling of the disturbances on the Capitol grounds on January 6, 2021.

According to two individuals familiar with the viewpoints of Mr. Murdoch, the chairman, and his son Lachlan, the general manager, skepticism toward the former president spreads to the top echelons of the organization. It also underscores worries that Republicans in Washington, including minority leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, have voiced to the Murdochs about the possible harm that Trump could do to the party’s chances in subsequent elections, particularly the chance to seize control of the party. Senate.

Now Often Ignores Him

According to two people familiar with those discussions, the Murdochs’ discontent with Mr. Trump is a result of his refusal to accept his loss in the election. In general, their views align with those of Republicans like Mr. McConnell, who the former president largely supported but who long ago declared the election to be final and denounced his efforts to overturn it.

When Fox News’ decision desk predicted that Joseph R. Biden would win Arizona just after 11 p.m. on the night of the election, they insisted that they had made the right choice, according to a person familiar with the Murdochs’ thinking. This decision prevented Mr. Trump from prematurely declaring victory.

Donald Trump’s Post-Presidency Career

The late president is still a significant player in Republican politics. Some people understood that Fox’s present strategy toward Mr. Trump might only be in place temporarily. They said Mr. Trump would merit more publicity if he declared his candidacy for president or if he were to be charged.

Mr. McConnell’s spokeswoman declined to respond. Both a Fox Corporation representative and a Mr. Trump spokeswoman declined to comment.

News, Once Home to Trump

Since Mr. Trump first appeared in the gossip columns of The New York Post in the 1980s, the relationship between Mr. Trump and the Murdoch media empire has been tumultuous and fraught with mutual convenience and suspicion.

The conflict between the former president and the media mogul, which for years helped shape Republican Party policy, is now playing place in a more expansive and fragmented media environment as new personalities and platforms make it more difficult for a single point of sale to shift the narrative. Breitbart, Newsman, and talk radio are just a few of the more Trump-supportive conservative media outlets that are already capitalizing on the change within Fox.

Fox News, Once Home to Trump, Now Often Ignores Him. Mr. Trump appears ready to battle. He criticized “Fox & Friends” this week on its social media platform Truth Social for being “awful” and having “gone to the ‘evil side'” after one of its hosts claimed that Mr. DeSantis had just divided Mr. Trump in two defeated recent polls of a fictitious Republican primary in 2024. The former Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, with whom he frequently sparred, was then held accountable without any supporting documentation. Mr. Ryan is a member of the Fox Corporation’s board of directors.

Once Home to Trump

But when Mr. Trump surpassed all news organizations and even his own political party in popularity, he was able to turn the tables and mobilize his supporters against Fox or any other news organization he believed was unfairly critical of him. He frequently utilized Twitter to criticize Fox celebrities including Karl Rove, Charles Krauthammer, and Megyn Kelly.

He may always face criticism from the network for its reporting. However, the cynicism is increasingly more audible, whether in voter interviews or opinion pieces for other Murdoch outlets, separate from news anchors.

Bret Baier, a Fox host, said the congressional inquiry into the incident on January 6 had “horrified” Mr. Trump by describing how it took 187 minutes to get him to make a public statement. to refer to the riots Trump fans who were interviewed for a recent piece expressed a general lack of interest for a third presidential run, saying they believed “his time is gone” and that he was “a little too separating”. Then they expressed their views regarding who has to take his place on the ticket. They all agreed to phone Mr. DeSantis.

Eric Bolling, a former Fox anchor who is now employed by Newsman, stated, “I worked at Fox for 11 years, and I know that nothing pre-recorded reaches a Fox screen that hasn’t been signed and cleared at the highest levels of management.” “Especially when it involves elections for president.”

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Fox News, Once Home to Trump, Now Often Ignores Him. It cannot be disputed that Fox News will always be Fox News. Although Mr. Trump has occasionally been the subject of critical reporting, Fox chose to air its own primetime programming rather than the committee’s hearings into the attack on January 6 in contrast to other news organizations. The hearings are dismissed by Mr. Carlson, Mr. Hannity, and Ms. Ingraham as a “show trial”.

Mr. Carlson declared, “They’re lying, and we’re not going to help them.” Instead, we’ll make an effort, to be honest with you.

Daytime and early-evening news pieces depict violent crime in cities with a Democratic mayor or Mr. Biden’s verbal and physical stumbles. Biden rejects recession as the US enters recession, according to Fox’s headline after the government revealed that a crucial indicator of economic health fell in the most recent quarter.

On April 13, Mr. Trump came into Mr. Hannity’s program and listed a number of issues that, in his words, “wouldn’t happen if we won this election, which we did”. Since then, he has not been featured in a network interview.

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