“Florida Fired COVID-19 Data Manager Permanently”, Tensions between Florida Department of Health managers and the department’s geographic information systems manager had been building for days before officials show her the door. Permanently removing her from the coronavirus dashboard she had been operating for weeks, she said.

Managers had request some adjustments to the public-facing line. According to Rebekah Jones. Jones had oppose some cases and refuse to comply with suggestions. she thought were wrong. She claim that the department offer her the opportunity to resign. Jones turn down the offer.

Jones has found a method to show the state’s coronavirus data exactly the way she wants it. Weeks after being fired in mid-May. She designe her own dashboard.

Jones, 30, said of the site that launched Thursday, “I wanted to design an application that delivered data, helped people get tested, and helped them receive services that they need from their community". "And that's what this new dashboard turned out to be".

Florida’s Fired Technology Person of the Year

Weeks after being dismiss in mid-May, Florida’s Fired Technology Person of the Year. Jones has discovered a way to display the state’s coronavirus statistics just the way she wants it: Her dashboard was created by her.

Florida's Fired Technology Person of the Year

Jones, 30, said of the new website, which went live on Thursday: "I wanted to create an app that gave data, assisted people in getting tested, and assisted them in receiving assistance from their community".

And that’s exactly what this new dashboard ended up being. Given the information provided in the early days of the epidemic. The dashboard was consider a model for other state health departments. Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida said he was “proud of the people” who worked on the dashboard as well.

Florida Fired COVID-19 Data Manager Permanently – On April 19, Dr. Deborah Birx of the White House Coronavirus Task state, “That’s the kind of knowledge and power we need to put in the hands of the American people so that they can see where the virus is, where the cases are, and make decisions”.

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She was uploading data to our portal that the scientists did not believe was accurate. While she was loudly in the change of command. She had a large number of individuals with her. "As a result of that, she was fire", he said at a press conference.

Jones would subsequently go on to create her COVID-19 data dashboard. As well as one that tracks examples in schools across the country.

Coronavirus Data Scientist in Florida was Dismissed

Jones’s new dashboard has produced no response from the Florida governor’s office. Which was communicate via email for comment. Jones “displayed a repeated course of insubordination during her time with the Department. Which includes her unilateral decisions to modify the Department’s COVID-19 dashboard without input or approval from the epidemiological team or her supervisors”. According to a previous statement from a presenter for the governor.

Coronavirus Data Scientist in Florida was Dismissed

Jones’s statements concerning the requests of other supervisors are significant. While she said they asked her to delete data showing that some residents tested positive for the coronavirus in January. Even though DeSantis secure residents in March that there was no evidence of community spread. While Jones also suppose that she was ask to manually change numbers to wrongly make counties appear to have met metrics for reopening.

According to themacforums.com knowledge about Florida Fired COVID-19 Data Manager Permanently. The Florida Health Department did not respond to a request for comment on Jones’ dashboard on Friday. But state that after the piece was publishe on Saturday. Jones’ January dates according to a department official are not necessary when individual tests positive for the virus. While those dates could potentially reflect the first day someone came into contact with an infected individual or traveled to a site. Where he or she may have gotten the virus, the statement stated.

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"Epidemiologists collect data that tells the Department of Health about an individual's symptoms, contacts, and possible source of COVID-19," said representative Alberto Moscoso. "The event date is the first date of entry in response to any query, COVID-related or not."