Florida Data Permanently Suspended from Twitter has suspended the record of past Department of Health COVID-19 data analyst Rebekah Jones. In an email communication with THEMACFORUMS.COM, Jones says she posted a Miami Herald article, “a couple in wealth and got auto-hailed for spam”.

As demonstrated by a screen get given by Jones. Twitter communicated the association had suspended her record due to ignoring rejects stage control and spam.

“You may not include Twitter’s organizations in a manner projected to dishonestly improve or smother information or take an interest in the lead that controls or upsets people’s understanding on Twitter,” the association states.


Jones has applied for the temptation to forget her record unsuspended. Due to Jones’ Florida Data Permanently Suspended from Twitter, the lead agent’s press clerk Christina Upshaw tweeted “The Typhoid Mary of COVID-19 disinformation no longer has a phase to spread unfounded suspicious feelings of dread. Especially past due.”

Past Department of Health Analyst Rebekah Jones is Florida Data Permanently Suspend from Twitter

Using her work with the state, Jones was responsible for keeping Florida’s COVID-19 dashboard recovered. She ended the gig in May of last year and has since started her end as retribution for not controlling data. The Department of Health stays aware of she was end for changing data without input from office infection transmission specialists or her supervisors.

Past Department of Health Analyst Rebekah Jones is Florida Data Permanently Suspended from Twitter

Jones has continued to make her COVID-19 tracker and has transformed into an academic on the state’s response to the pandemic. Jones’ home was attack at the finish of last year by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement as a part of a valuation concerning an unapprove login into the Department of Health’s helpful structure.

An unknown individual got to that system and impart something explicit communication. “This present time is the best opportunity to yell out before another 17,000 people are dead. You understand this isn’t correct. You needn’t bother with being a piece of this. Be a legend. While stand up before it’s too far to consider turning back.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been Suspend from Twitter for Infinity

Questionable Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s own Twitter account has been suspend perpetually for spreading COVID-19 misrepresentation. The virtual enjoyment network was avow to Themacforums.com on Sunday. She moves toward her position administrative record @Repot and she can tweet from it.

A Twitter delegate let Themacforums.com in on that “we forever suspended the record you mentioned for repeated violation of our COVID-19 lie procedure. We’ve been clear that per our strike structure for this methodology. We will forever suspend addresses repeated violation of the system.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been Suspended from Twitter for Infinity

Greene replied on her Getter account, mentioning to Twitter as “an enemy to Americans and can’t manage reality. While that is fine, I’ll show America we shouldn’t for even a moment worry about them. This present time is the perfect open door to beat our enemies.”

While Greene’s record had more than 465,000 disciples. This isn’t the point at which it initially has been momentarily suspended. In July, Greene got a 12-hour blacklist after the internet-based diversion stage faulted her for spreading COVID-19 misdirection. The representative replied on Facebook, saying “Free Speech is persevering through a flow.”

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