A Facebook Broken and Spams Comments About Famous People Everywhere.  A strange problem on Facebook is presently flooding user feeds with infinite posts from celebrity accounts. The same problem, where their main News Feed is overwhelmed with insignificant postings made to pages for musicians like Lady Gaga, Nirvana, and The Beatles, was experienced by a number of Verge staff members who attempted to utilize the social media network this morning.

The flaw has been quickly broken by users, who are now sending memes to famous people they know will be widely spread. A photo of a turkey sandwich with the phrase “If you see this share it to another celebrity Facebook page keep the turkey sandwich moving” is one of the often shared images I’m seeing in my own feed.

Facebook is Broken and Spams Comments About Famous People Everywhere. Everybody who follows that celebrity appears to have the image appear in their feed at that point. By spamming PayPal contribution links or hawking bitcoin ventures, other individuals are profiting from the current predicament.

Facebook is Broken and Spams Comments About Famous People Everywhere

Even while it doesn’t seem to be an outage in the conventional sense, people have started reporting issues on Down detector since just before 2:00 AM ET. As of this writing, the Meta status dashboard shows no problems. The Verge’s request for comment was not immediately answered by a Meta spokesperson.