Erza Scarlet is a beautiful young lady with red hair and brown eyes. She lost her right eye as a toddler and now wears an artificial one that Porlyusica designed. Lucy Heartfilia characterized her thin, sensuous physique as “wonderful.” Heart Kreuz smiths’ custom-made armor, a blue skirt, black boots, and diamond-shaped silver earrings are her usual outfits.

At, Her blue stamp can be found in the middle of her left upper arm. Erza’s Requip Magic specialization allows her to Requip, not just armor but also different clothes, allowing her to change her appearance at any time.

The personality of Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet is a severe female who frequently criticizes the other organization members’ bad behavior and habits, motivating most of them to apologize for fear of experiencing her wrath. She’s also irritable, and she dislikes people who don’t respond to her questions soon enough. Due to her social uselessness, many of her organization mates avoided her as a result of this, as well as her terrible childhood.

Power and abilities

She does, however, have a strong sense of justice and pride in being a member of, and she is a really brave and kind-hearted young lady who will go to any length to protect her friends, especially Gray and Lucy, whom she considers to be her siblings.

Power and Abilities

1: Sword Magic

Erza Scarlet is a skilled user of Sword Magic in addition to her signature Magic, Reequip. This is a style of magic that revolves around the usage of swords, as the name implies. Erza can use her swords to conduct various Magical assaults thanks to the application of this Magic.

2: The Knight

Requip is Erza’s signature type of magic, and she is a master of it. It’s a form of magic that allows her to change her weapons, armor, and clothing whenever she wants. The Knight is the name of her Requip variant. She is recognized for her ability to Requip weapons and armor exceptionally quickly, and she is the only sword mage known to be capable of doing it while fighting, something that earned her the nickname “Titanic” and made her and her great strength well-known across her hometown, Magnolia Town, and the entire Kingdom of Fiore.

3: Telekinesis

Erza is also a good Telekinesis user. However, the first time she utilized this Magic was by accident. She utilized her Magic to float discarded weapons from the ground and fling them at her foes when she was a youngster in the Tower of Heaven, something she did accidentally because of the shock of Rob’s death. Erza’s most common usage of Telekinesis is with her Sword Magic, which allows her to manipulate her swords remotely and perform various assaults.

4: Keen Intellect

Erza has shown herself to be intelligent about the Magic world: after only a short time on the island, she was able to figure out why the people of Galuna Island were turning into demons (or thought they were), and she was able to figure out the mechanics behind Midnight’s Reflector Magic after only being struck by it a few times, earning her praise from Jellal Fernandes.

5: Expert Hand to Hand Combatant


Erza has proven herself to be a skilled hand-to-hand warrior, despite her preference for the usage of her many weapons. Despite being chained to the wall; she was able to quickly knock Shô out with a single kick. After all of their weapons were shattered in their previous battle. She was able to face Erza Knight walker in an unarmed fight. Striking her opponent with powerful punches and using throws and takedowns to force her away. In the heat of battle, she can also combine hand-to-hand combat with her swordsmanship.

6: Enhanced Strength

Despite her thin and feminine appearance. Erza possesses tremendous physical strength. Having been demonstrate to be capable of lifting and pulling objects many times her own height and weight. Most notably due to her habit of lugging around massive amounts of luggage. With a flick of her wrist, she could easily send Midnight hurtling against a wall, many meters away from both of them. Furthermore, her sword slashes are so powerful that they can slash through metal utilizing only the air pressure generated by the strokes.

7: Immense Reflexes

Erza Scarlet has razor-sharp reflexes, as well as a high level of agility and speed. Despite being severely battle-worn. She was able to balance herself on one hand and dodge a shot from Jose Paula.

8: Immense Magic Power

Erza possesses enormous Magic Power as an S-Class Mage of the Organization. Erza was able to Requip formidable amours in fast succession without displaying any symptoms of exhaustion during numerous severe confrontations. She was also able to Requip her Heaven’s Wheel Armor and over 200 swords without running. Out of Magic Power after Requiring her Lightning Empress Armour. Her Magic Power becomes crimson when it is used.

Is Erza Scarlet a boy?

Erza’s most recent outing Erza is a beautiful young lady with red hair and brown eyes. She lost her right eye as a toddler and now wears an artificial one that Porlyusica designed.


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