Are you facing with error 53 iPh0ne 6 fix? As you better know, Apple brand company has famous with the thrown of serious of amazing model and latest version cellphones. But over the world, this was seen with dreadful and serious errors happening in iPhone 6. And people tried to get of it.

Encounter with iPhone Error 53

Today we are discussing error 53 in Apple iPhone 6 and how to fix error 53 with iPhone 6. This error is occurred when you tried to update your Apple IOS device or restore your device with latest version from Apple iTunes. With the assist of the searchers of The Macforum, we concluded some ways to put your exit from this error of 53 occurred in Apple iPhone 6.

Usually error 53 with iPhone 6 is happened when you tried to change over your Touch ID with home button. This touch ID is not original ID name hoe button that can be broken with other device or other cable. In short, your touch ID home button of Apple device iOS 6 is encoded with original serial numbers which differ it from other Apple devices.

Steps to fix iPhone 6 error 53

So let’s move ahead in the way of get off from error 53 iPhone 6 fix. This is highly technical error which can either be solved by replacing fundamental accessories with Apple deice. But here we have complete resolution for this.

Solution # 01: Shifting USB Socket or USB Cable

If you are experiencing with error 53 happened in Apple device iPhone 6. And you are searching how to fix this error 53 from your device iPhone 6. Then we are giving you first resolution to get rid of it. So, this resolution stat that error 53 is occurred with any hardware working issues which stops the functioning of device properly or hanged on your Apple device.

To treat with error 53 happened in your Apple device iPhone 6, you have to make sure for the altering of USB sockets. If this method is not working and you are still facing same issue, then change USB cable and should try another one.

But here you have to keep one thing in your mind, when you are doing replacement process with your Apple device to get rid of error 53. Then you have use only original fixtures which are acceptable from your Apple device and cancel out error 53. Otherwise you will remain facing this issue continuously and never get rid of it.

Solution # 02: Alter the cable from your Home Button Touch ID

In this solution, if anyone who has some knowledge of mobile technical issues and treat that issue brilliantly. But, however, this is very simple and easy way to get rid of error 53 from your Apple device iPhone 6 and fix it properly. To resolve this error 53 from iPhone 6, you have to follow our guideline that we are going to tell you;

  • You have to be very humble in this process. Now disconnect your device.
  • Then, you have to make you’re the location of your touch ID home button sensor.
  • Now, loose screws of small plate or the panel to remove this panel from hardware.
  • In this step, you have to replace out sensor Touch ID from your device phone and you should do this very carefully.
  • After the replacement of touch ID home button and carefully removal of panel, then you will come in contact with the connecting cable which is happening in the way of popping out from connection.
  • Remove this cable from popping out condition over the connection, you have to simple replace this cable with new one.
  • Now you have to rejoin all parts of your device carefully in same order as you have removed them from device.
  • Screw up tightly all the parts. Now you have to put back home button to its original position of your device. And make the connection of this cable with your sensor touch ID home button.
  • After assembling all parts back to the device. Now you have to restore your device with modern software iTunes and install it in your PC system.
  • Now you will see, the error 53 produced in your iPhone 6 has fixed.

Final Remarks

To cancel out the error 53 happened in your Apple device 6, if you are using above both mentioned solution. After that, you are still facing same problem with your device. Then you should not be worried about it. you can use Restore Repair Tool to resolve this is issue.