Whenever you are trying to transport your data or photos between Apple iPhone 6 and windows 10. But every time, your window system didn’t identify your Apple iPhone 6 as an Apple device over there. Yet, your Apple iPhone 6 is recognized as Apple device manager when using iTunes.

How to use driver for iPhone 6 windows 10?

If your window 10 did not recognize your Apple iPhone 6 as an iPhone device, then most of you did this job to set this sort of issue or cause produced over there. Therefore, often mostly people;

Get access different USB ports by keep altering plugins. But when there is no success happened to get over this issue. Then few of you go for repeating process of uninstallation or reinstallation of iTunes application which is used to connect Apple brand device with window operating system.

Recognition issue from window 10 system to Apple iPhone 6

Similarly, over the ground, when people are stuck into zone of no recognition issue from window 10 system to Apple iPhone 6. Then they also tried to get over this issue by manually.

In this way, they usually applied the exercise with the upgradation of iPhone drivers with Apple iPhone 6 to confirm rather there is any robotic or automatic driver exists in window system or iTunes.

In order to confirm updated driver from iPhone connectivity with window 10, you did click on Apple recognition driver in windows 10 system.

The best ways to Driver iPhone 6 windows 10

When your windows 10 system is not able to recognize your connected device Apple brand iPhone 6. Then you don’t be worried about it.

here at The Macforums, we will tell you two ways to get rid of this issue. There must be an error due to which your Apple iPhone 6 is not connected to windows 10 system over there.The best ways to Driver iPhone 6 windows 10

1st way to Driver for iPhone 6 windows 10

Keep following these directions to get rid of recognition issue and try to reconnect your Apple iPhone 6 with windows 10 systems;

  1. In this part, you have to be assured about Apple iPhone IOS device manager to get started with it. So just click to open on home screen.
  2. Now your home screen is opened and you have to make it confirm either modern version programming software use to connect Apple iPhone 6 with window 10 system.
  3. If you have latest version iTunes that is used to transfer data or photos from Apple brand iPhone 6 with window system 10 and enjoy magnificent experience with it. Then you have to look at option “Trust this Computer alert” to click on it to open your tool.
  4. Now you have to go ahead and make sure to remove all USB plugins from USB ports of window system 10.
  5. Then make sure all USB ports one by one. You can do it by plugins each port and make it confirm that either anyone is working or not. Then try another USB data cable that is used to connect Apple iPhone 6 with windows 10.
  6. Finally go back and click to restart your Apple iPhone 6 devices to window system.

2nd way to Driver for iPhone 6 windows 10

When your windows 10 system didn’t recornize your IOS Apple iPhone 6. Then there may be possibility of no installation of driver happened there. So, firstly you have to install your connecting driver which are used to transfer data among iPhone 6 windows 10.

Here you need to make it sure that IOS iTunes software which connects your apple device with windows system is not placed there. For this you have to open your Apple iPhone 6. Then confirm it to be needed installation of modern version software iTunes in windows 10 system.

Install driver iPhone 6 windows 10

When you make it seriously confirm that there is no driver which is used to transfer among Apple smart tools vs windows system. Then you have to install thse driver. To get amazing features software installation on your window system, you need to follow two cases manually;

Case 1.

In this section, you have to go to Microsoft play store and get started installation of iTunes over there.

Step 1. To accomplish your mission, you have to unplug your Apple data cable from windows system. Then confirmly open your system and triggers to iTunes apps and lock it.

Step 2. Now click to hold on Win + R and your windows run system and command type is unlocked. Now choose the enter button to get started with “Device Manager”. Here the iPhone drivers should be place there against the location of below portable section or undetermined part.

Step 3. Now at the last step you have to click in update button of Apple iPhone 6 driver in windows 10 system and get started of it. now finally, restart your system and enjoy mist amazing end result experience with it.

Case 2.

Step 1. In this case, you have to do nothing just to make sure carefully that which USB port is working. For this, you have to remove your iPhone data cable USB plug and open the system. Then recycle this procedure to put your Apple USB data cable into port.

Step 2. If iTunes will be opened, then its quiet pleasant moments and adjacent the similar. Now click on Win + R to unlock your Run in windows system. Go to windows driver commands and follow them carefully.

Step 3. After it, your IOS iTunes software file is opened just due to your installed IOS driver in windows 10 system. Finally locate two of all files there and press on installation button to get installing with it.

Windows 10 not recognize IOS Apple driver

When your Apple IOS driver software is not showing there in windows 10 system or not detectable. Then you should go Device Manager as we have discussed earlier above. Then go for search and type Apple Mobile Device USB Driver in search bar.

If there is no found, then remove Apple data cable and replace the location and connect it with your Apple device by strong efforts to plugins in various USB ports.

Fine needy option with error and resolve it

And if you look the required option with error symbol placed there, then you have to not be worried about it.  just go and restart your Apple device Mobile service.

And unlock your Device service manager and align your device services with Apple mobile. Now press on the service and push to restart your device. Now your problem has gone. Keep experiencing with The Macforum.