Don’t Let That Rainbow Logo Fool You Anti-LGBTQ objectors and religious forces aren’t the biggest threat to this weekend’s World Pride celebration in New York City. Which matches with the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. It’s actually from members of the LGBTQ community who have organized a counter-march in protest of corporate participation in this Sunday’s Pride March.

Corporate floats will be absent from the Queer Liberation March. Which is coordinated by the Reclaim Pride Partnership. They’ll depart from the regular meeting spot at Sheridan Square in Greenwich Village on Sunday morning and go to Central Park. There’s no word on how many people will attend, compared to the millions that are expected to see the official NYC Pride March.

Which will feature 400 or more groups and 100 or more floats. The march will begin at noon on Fifth Avenue near Madison Square Park, snaking through downtown, into the Village, and back to Chelsea. A route that will be very different from the Queer Liberation March and a reversal of last year’s NYC Pride March.

consumers so trusting that they would prefer to invest their money

Are consumers so trusting that they would prefer to invest their money in a rainbow-themed brand?

According to the website Popular Information, “roughly two-thirds of LGBT adults, or roughly 66 percent. Would be very or somewhat likely to remain loyal to a company or brand they believe to be supportive of the LGBT community. While even when less-supportive competitors offered lower prices or greater convenience”. According to a Harris Interactive survey.

rainbow-themed brand

Of course, the calendar will switch to July next week. All the beautiful gays, dazzling rainbows, and brightly colore banners flying by huge corporations will be gone. Once news gets out about the new report Popular Information collaborate with Progressive Shopper. They may be pull down a few days sooner.

During the last election cycle, nine of America’s largest and most LGBTQ-friendly firms. Each contributed $1 million or more to anti-gay lawmakers. AT&T, UPS, Comcast, Home Depot, and General Electric are among the corporations represented. Their donations reached about $15 million in total.

Nine Firms with Perfect Index Scores

Nine Firms with Perfect Index Scores

From most to least, the nine firms with perfect index scores that made donations to anti-gay lawmakers from 2017 to 2018 are:

  1. AT&T made a $2.75 million donation to 193 anti-gay legislators.
  2. UPS gave 159 anti-gay politicians $2,366,122.
  3. Comcast gave 154 anti-gay lawmakers $2,116,500.
  4. Home Depot gave 111 anti-gay lawmakers $1,825,500.
  5. GE made a $1,380,500 donation to 97 anti-gay lawmakers.
  6. FedEx gave 75 anti-gay lawmakers $1,261,500.
  7. UBS gave 72 anti-gay lawmakers $1,094,750.
  8. Verizon made a $1,022,803 donation to 74 anti-gay legislators.
  9. Pfizer made a $959,263 donation to 52 anti-gay legislators.

According to Popular Information and Progressive Purchaser. While the total amount raise from all of these donations was $14,891,413. Three of the nine companies featured here have replied to requests for comment. As more comments are receive. Don’t Let That Rainbow Logo Fool You, this story will be updated.

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