Dominion Voting Systems Sue Mike Lindell – Dominion Voting Systems officials have addressed a legal letter to Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, warning of pending trial over his unconfirmed charges of massive fraud involving their devices.

“You have established yourself as a major leader of the ongoing misinformation campaign”, the letter added, referring to his mistaken statements that their systems were manipulated to influence the vote.

Dominion Voting Systems Sue Mike Lindell has threatened to sue My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell for making fake statements

The letter stated that the “process involving these concerns is approaching.” Mr. Lindell is the latest to receive a letter from Dominion authorities threatening legal action after he and others, including right-wing lawyer Sidney Powell, Rudolph W. Giuliani, and others, continued to circulate false claims about the honesty of the machines’ results.

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell for making fake statements

Mr. Lindell paid a brief visit to Mr. Trump at the White House on Friday before being escorted away by national security advisor Robert C. O’Brien and White House attorney Pat A. Cipollini.

Mr. Lindell said he welcomed a Dominion lawsuit in a brief phone interview.

He said, “I would love for them to sue me since I have all the proof against them.” “This letter was sent a few weeks ago.” They’re lying, and they’re scared because I have all the proof.”

Former Dominion Voting staffer sues MyPillow CEO for defamation

Dominion Voting Systems Sue Mike Lindell – Mike Lindell, the CEO of the sheet startup MyPillow, has been sued for defamation by a former Dominion Voting Systems employee.

According to Insider, Eric Coomer, a former employee of the voting machine manufacturer that became embroiled in Donald Trump’s dishonest claims that he was denied victory in the 2020 election due to rampant voter fraud, has launched a lawsuit against Lindell.

Former Dominion Voting staffer sues MyPillow CEO for defamation

Lindell and his media platform, Frank’s speech, are accused of targeting Coomer as part of his “efforts to erode faith in American democracy and enrich himself in the process,” according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit was presented to Lindell, a Trump supporter, conservative activist, and conspiracy theorist, while he was hosting a political rally in Denver, Colorado.

“What is this?” says the narrator. When Lindell received the envelope, he said.

The messenger said, “It’s for you.”

Lindell “has publicly accused [him] of being a ‘traitor to the United States,'” according to Coomer, Dominion’s former head of product strategy and security. [and] has alleged, without proof, that Dr. Coomer committed treason and should surrender to the authorities.”

Lindell was also suspected of publishing multiple false remarks, offensive interviews, and other “dishonest information criticizing Dr. Coomer” on Frank’s speech, sometimes in conjunction with a sales pitch for MyPillow products, according to the complaint.

Despite Defendants – Unfounded Claims

“Despite defendants’ unfounded claims of election fraud being disproven by competent authorities across political parties. They continue in their quest to profit from the ‘Big Lie’ [that Joe Biden did not win] by harming the lives of private persons like Dr. Coomer,” according to the complaint.

“They have not accepted responsibility for the harm they have caused, nor have they disclaimed any of their misleading avowals,” the statement continued.

Coomer’s reputation has been “irreparably ruined”, according to the complaint, and he is no longer able to operate in the election sector “due to the unreasonable suspicion created by defendants’ lies.”

Despite Defendants – Unfounded Claims

Instead, Coomer is now the target of numerous death threats and suffers the “burden of being made the face of a fictitious criminal conspiracy of unprecedented extent in American history”, according to the complaint.

“MyPillow and Frank speech did nothing,” Lindell claimed in a statement to Insider in response to the complaint. I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned Eric Coomer. They’re attempting to cancel your favorite program, Frank speech!”

According to the Themacforums report, Lindell made an appearance in Frank’s speech last year. Reproving Coomer of voter fraud and encouraging him to surrender to authorities.