Does Dominoes Have Self-Driving Cars? The epidemic temporarily put a stop to Domino’s research with autonomous drop-offs, but it helped the pizza giant’s delivery operations. However, the market leader in agile delivery has returned with a fresh test in Houston with Nuro, a key participant in the expanding self-driving delivery field.

Customers can now place a pre-paid order from the Domino’s location in Woodland Heights on specific days and hours via Domino’s website, and Nuro’s R2 robot will deliver their order. According to Domino’s, the R2 is the first entirely autonomous, occupant-free, on-road delivery vehicle to receive regulatory approval from the US Department of Transportation.

This is the technology we anticipate in the future, said Dennis Maloney, senior vice president, and chief innovation officer at Domino’s, based near Ann Arbor, Michigan. “The debate over the future of autonomous vehicles has been settled. We need to comprehend how it impacts the delivery sector. We need to understand how technology will affect our large shipping operation.

“We want to be in the forefront of the process than at the back. There is a lot to discover. The final destination is probably not going to be where we anticipated. But it will cause industry disruption.

Does Dominoes Have Self-Driving Cars? Of course, Domino’s has seen disruption in the pizza industry before, but typically as the disruptor. With the company’s first half-hour pizza promise, it set the bar decades ago. Domino’s started a makeover center on digital ordering technology ten years ago, which completely changed the industry and allowed the business to surpass Pizza Hut and take the top spot for pizza makers in America, a title it still maintains today.

A few years ago, Domino’s experimented with Ford to create a customized Fusion that drove autonomously while having a human safety operator on board to get ahead of the possibilities in autonomous delivery. 2019 saw the beginnings of a partnership between Domino’s and Nuro, a Silicon Valley startup founded by two former Google engineers. The two businesses started testing a robot with chases cars in Houston. Maloney claimed that Covid “stopped everything”.

These 7 Companies Are Testing Self-Driving Cars

Does Dominoes Have Self-Driving Cars? Self-driving vehicles offer more than just passenger service. These businesses transport things to clients fast and effectively by using self-driving technology.

These 7 Companies Are Testing Self-Driving Cars

Over the past few years, autonomous and self-driving cars have become very popular. But businesses are just now beginning to use the technology in their business strategies.

According to the Themacforums record, Self-driving cars are beginning to be employed for safer, more effective, and timely delivery services in place of passenger transportation.

Driverless Delivery by Domino’s

Does Dominoes Have Self-Driving Cars? For many years, Domino’s has been keen on providing autonomous pizza delivery. They had a less than successful initial try in 2016 with Domino’s Australia. In 2017, the corporation made another attempt, but the results were far from autonomous because Ford was still driving the vehicles.

Not until 2019 did Domino’s work with Nuro. A business founded by two former Google engineers, to move closer to this objective. They received approval from the US Department of Transportation first as a group.

Driverless Delivery by Domino's

Domino’s now permitted customers in Houston, Texas, to submit pre-paid orders on their website on particular days, however, this is far from ideal. The customer’s residence will thereafter get the pizza order from a Nuro R2 self-driving robot car.

Many companies are experimenting with self-driving cars to make sure they can manage all the orders they receive as a result of COVID-19. Which is increasing pressure on restaurants and e-commerce enterprises.

1: Walmart

Another well-known company utilizing autonomous delivery cars is Walmart. This time, it is collaborating with numerous IT firms. Walmart and Nuro are collaborating to deliver groceries to customers in Houston, much like Domino’s does.


Walmart announced its intention to work with Udelv, Waymo, and Gatik to develop all-electric delivery cars in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 2020. Walmart also gained certification from the Arkansas State Highway Commission by December 2020, enabling it to function without a safety driver in its delivery trucks.

Walmart now provides delivery services seven days a week, using self-driving cars to make many deliveries per day along a predetermined path.

2: Amazon

Does Dominoes Have Self-Driving Cars? Amazon is using a different strategy than Domino’s self-driving cars and Walmart’s delivery trucks, which were developed through collaboration between numerous businesses. Amazon paid $1.2 billion to acquire the self-driving car startup Zoox in 2020.


Zoox already has autonomous vehicles in San Francisco and Las Vegas. Additionally, it intends to debut in Seattle in 2022, advancing Amazon’s last-mile delivery initiative.

Amazon created its automobiles in-house. Six-wheeled, autonomous Amazon Scout vehicles were operational during the COVID-19 lockdown, and more experiments are scheduled across several states.

3: CVS Drugstore

CVS is working with Nuro as well, following Dominoes and Walmart. It intends to distribute prescriptions to clients in the Houston area.

After experimenting with drone delivery the year before, CVS switched to the self-driving delivery strategy and now provides customers with free delivery inside their service zones.

CVS Drugstore

Customers only need to choose the option for autonomous vehicle delivery when placing an online order through the official CVS Pharmacy website or app. Due to the option for adding non-prescription items to the same delivery, this service is not limited to just drugs.

4: Stop & Shop

Does Dominoes Have Self-Driving Cars? The chain of supermarkets Stop & Shop is approaching grocery delivery in a slightly different way. By collaborating with the San Francisco-based business Robomart, Stop & Shop can provide mobile flea marketplaces.

Stop & Shop

The self-driving cars at Stop & Shop transport fresh food and meal kits rather than packages. To preserve the freshness of the food, the vans are temperature-controlled.

Customers use an app to make calls to the mini-market. Customers do not, however, have to choose and prepay for their groceries like they would with other grocery delivery services. When the car gets there, it unlocks its doors and uses RFID and computer vision to track the objects it has taken.

5: Postmates

Another meal delivery firm, Postmates, is considering using driverless vehicles for delivery. The business collaborated with Phantom Auto, autonomous vehicle teleoperation, to develop the Serve vehicles.


Although they seem more like futuristic shopping carts than automobiles, service robots can handle 50 pounds of delivering items at once.

To expand to San Francisco, Postmates tested its automobiles in Los Angeles. Although the vehicles are completely self-driving, they are connected to remote pilots who can take over if a problem arises while they are on the road.

6: AutoX

AutoX is a startup with offices in California and Hong Kong that creates autonomous delivery cars. It began testing in 2017, modifying its cars to keep refrigerated food in the back seat, much like Stop & Shop’s Serve vans.


The designers want to make self-driving cars and autonomous driving more accessible. For this reason, AutoX has partnered with other companies in the regions where it operates, including Grub Market, which provides locals with organic fruit.

7: Kroger

Does Dominoes Have Self-Driving Cars? To start a supermarket delivery service in 2019, Kroger teamed up with Nuro.

The introduction of self-driving delivery cars will not only help Kroger satisfy the demand for its services but also draw in new customers eager to check out this cutting-edge technology. Kroger has over 100 locations in the Houston area.


Depending on time-slot availability, customers will be able to order goods through the Kroger mobile app or website for either same-day or next-day delivery. However, unlike the other delivery alternatives on this list, Kroger has no specified minimum order size and instead charges a flat rate of $5.95 for every delivery.


Does Dominoes Have Self-Driving Cars? Self-driving vehicles are demonstrating to be more than a curiosity but a crucial aspect of a company’s expanding markets, whether it’s Domino’s driverless delivery or Amazon investing in their autonomous vehicles.

Many companies are currently launching their self-driving delivery services in a few places. To pay for the cost of the cars’ remote emergency pilots, they also frequently collect delivery fees. But as technology advances, you may anticipate seeing self-driving cars shortly in many major cities across the world.

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