Did Bob Saget Struggle with Drugs? The comedian Bob Saget, best known for his portrayal of Danny Tanner in the enduring 1990s sitcom Full House, and the longtime host of America’s Funniest Home Videos, passed away on Sunday at the age of 65 after being discovered in a Florida hotel room. There is no evidence to suggest that foul play or drug use was involved in his passing.

Saget suffered an autopsy on Monday, and according to NBC News. The District 9 Medical Examiner’s Office estimated that it might take 10 to 12 weeks to receive the results. However, chief medical examiner Joshua Stephany repeated that there were no indications of drug use or foul play. Which the Orange County Sheriff’s Department had stated in a tweet on Sunday.

Saget was pronounced dead at the scene after police were called to his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando on Sunday for “an unresponsive individual”, who was later identified as Saget.

On his “I Don’t Do Negative” stand-up tour, Saget was in Florida; following his performance in Jacksonville on Saturday. He wrote on Instagram that he was “enjoying every minute of it”.

After his Saturday performance, he tweeted early Sunday am that he “Loved tonight’s show” and thanked the “appreciative audience”, adding, “I had no idea I did a 2 hr set tonight. I’m once more joyfully addicted to this stuff.

Saget leaves behind his three children and wife, Kelly Rizzo, whom he wed in 2018.

Update on Bob Saget’s drug and alcohol abuse – What Caused His Death, exactly?

Did Bob Saget Struggle with Drugs? Was Bob Saget’s death related to his drug and alcohol addiction, which he is said to have disclosed in recent days? To learn more, keep reading this article.

Update on Bob Saget's drug and alcohol abuse - What Caused His Death, exactly

Bob Saget passed away yesterday. He was an actor best remembered for playing Danny Tanner in the popular 1990s comedy Full House.

In addition, he co-starred as “America’s Dad” in the popular 1990s comedy “Full House” alongside the Olsen twins, John Stamos, Candace Cameron, Jodie Sweetin, and Dave Coulier.

Update on Bob Saget’s Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Before seeking a career in the public eye, Bob Saget struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. It’s thought that he came clean, though, later in life. In his book, “Dirty Daddy: The Chronicles of a Family Man Turned Filthy Comedian,” he discussed his experiences with drugs and addiction. Saget also acknowledges “Occasionally losing it while we were shooting and uttering harsh remarks carelessly.

He has divulged not only things about himself but also things about the rigid Danny Tanner, who would never use drugs. However, he did so when shooting a birthday episode with John Stamos and Dave Coulier one year.

Update on Bob Saget's Drug and Alcohol Addiction

As stated by Saget, “The little air that was still in the cans intended for Michelle’s birthday was breathed by us. “I suppose we were drunk. However, I don’t think so. It was challenging to discern. We were laughing hysterically and terrified that we were doing so foolishly! “, he claims.

Did Bob Saget Struggle with Drugs? He thinks back to the day he carelessly threw a cup of coffee against a wall of high-voltage lighting switches. Fortunately, no fire was started; the coffee mug simply dropped to the ground. Nevertheless, the producers chastised me and sent me to the principal’s office like a young child.

What Was Bob Saget’s Health Condition When He Was Ill?

No known ailment may have claimed Bob Saget’s life. He was in good health and had lately been traversing the nation, staying in several Florida locations, including Orlando.

He was supposed to finish his tour in May after starting it in September, but things didn’t work out as expected. On Saturday night in Jacksonville at the Ponte Vedra, he gave his final public performance.

What Was Bob Saget's Health Condition When He Was Ill

On that same day at 2:27 PM, he even tweeted about his encounter. Saget penned, “The performance last night at Jacksonville’s @PV ConcertHall was outstanding.

The crowd was open-minded. Gratitude to @RealTimWilkins once more for the invitation. I was unaware that I put in two hours of work tonight. Once more, I’m happily glued to this nonsense. Visit http://BobSaget.com to see my schedule for 2022.”

He hasn’t had any issues up until that point. What went wrong after that is unknown. when his body was found in his hotel.

What Caused Bob Saget’s Death?

Since he had not been given a Scleroderma diagnosis, Bob Saget’s sister’s death from the condition is not regarded as the cause of his demise. According to the news source, the 65-year-old was found dead in his room at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando.

Did Bob Saget Struggle with Drugs? According to TMZ, actor, and comedian, Bob Saget passed away late Sunday afternoon.

What Caused Bob Saget's Death

According to the report, after discovering Bob’s body at around 4 p.m. ET, some hotel staff members called the Orlando Sheriff’s Department and the fire department. Even though he was declared dead there. We still don’t know what exactly happened to him.

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