Over the ground, this is commonly seen the rigid framework with default home screen iPhone customization. In few iPhones operating system’s generation, Apple gave you a lot of choice to customize your background look and wallpaper options.

Set the Default Home Screen on iPhone

The Mac Forums is going to educate you in in this lecture with the key offered by Apple Library application on your iPhone with iOS 14 operating system.

After getting latest version and modern features iOS 14 operating system on your iPhone, you don’t have necessity to download and install any application for the provision of wallpaper on your home screen display of Apple device iPhone.

Restore the default home screen layout on iPhone

So, you have th4e choice to get upgradation in iOS 15 operating system with home screen options to décor wallpaper layout with choices.

you are offered for the customization of home screen by default home screen on your desire with iPhone device iOS 15 operating system.

Therefore, you have fully confirmed with the introduction of iOS 15 operating system on your Apple device.

Restore the default home screen layout on iPhone

And you are allowed to pick one home screen default options. That is why, you need to get iOS 15 operating system to have these features with your device and avail all provided options.

Pick Home Screen iPhone by default

In this section to default home screen iPhone, you need to make sure that you Apple device has multiple home screen options on Apple iPhone.  When you have no option in this regard, then you need to shift for ahead.

Let’s have imagined that Apple device has minimum two options for home screen on your iPhone gadget. In case of setting your home screen, you have to tap on the space where no icon exists.

When you done this, the you fill find Jiggle mode on your Apple device. Then you are asked to add widgets you adjust layout of your home screen.

iPhone reset Home Screen Layout

if you are using an Apple phone device with iOS 15. And need to customize your home screen layout with your device. Then you have set navigation with Phone Setting and tap on General Settings.

The layout of your iPhone home screen contains all options with the availability of whole widgets and adjust all applications of your iPhone with quick access over there.

Default home screen iPhone iOS 15

If you have no application presents on your phone’s home screen layout. Then you need not to be worried. Just drag left your home screen and get quick access with your application over Apple Library.

  • Now you have to open Transfer or Reset iPhone and click on Reset to get stated restoration process with your device.
  • Then click on Reset Home Screen Layout option you have got there.
  • Finally, you have to press in Reset Home Screen and make it confirm to continue with this setting on your Apple device iPhone.

Customize home screen as default on iOS 14

The choice to customize your home screen with iOS 14 operating system of your Apple device iPhone is explained by The Mac Forums.

This is possible for iPhone users but it is seen that somehow most of the users don’t have the k knowledge how to do this trick with their device.

So, now you have the control the change you home screen layout with your device and this can be happened by default by your device iOS 15 operating system. That is why, your hassle to make it should have gone away as this will save your time to run your device with your desire.

Change Home Screen iOS on iPhone

Therefore, Apple iOS 15 has made you to change your home screen with different screens and layout.

  1. To customize your home screen, you have to get update your iPhone device with latest version operating system iOS 15.
  2. Then you have to press and hold a long time the empty space on your home screen of device.
  3. Now you are in the Jiggle mode.
  4. Click on page marks placed just about the downside of your home screen go to continue this process
  5. At this stage, you have to make it confirm either your page under process in activated or not.
  6. Now pick the app page from widgets and set as default on home screen of your device.
  7. Finally, you have to swipe a side to adjust it position. And tap one done finish this process with your home screen of iPhone.