Use and Control PlayStation 3 with iPhone. For this, you have to download first playstation 3 application on your device. Then sign in to get account Sony entertainment network.

How to Control Your PS3 with Your iPhone?

In today’s episode, The Mac Forums will tell you how to control playstation 3 by your iPhone.  When you have signed in to get started with Sony entertainment network account.

Then you have to make connection among playstation3 vs playstation vital over similar network connection.

Once you did this procedure over there with your iPhone device. Then you are able to get started with you remote playstation 3 on equal devices.

PS3 with iPhone control

If you want to link you Apple device iPhone with you playstation 3 via Bluetooth connectivity.

Then you have to get started with the downloading of playstation remote play application. This app is available in your Apple store of iPhone. This process is done to make connection wirelessly among playstation 3 and your iPhone device.

For this, you have to get network account for playstation and a Bluetooth connection which is able to connect your playstation 3 with your iPhone device. Now you have to switch OFF the LED lights of playstation 3.

PS3 controller App for iPhone

However, you are facing any problem or hurdle in the way of processing playstation 3 with iPhone. Then you have to do nothing, just restart playstation 3 and again connect to proceed next.

Therefore, you have to make sure, either you are using playstation 3 connection with Bluetooth is activated or not. So, here you have to first connect your Bluetooth with PS3 controller by same user’s name on both side in contacted with each other.

PS3 controller App for iPhone

Then, in next to make connection of Bluetooth with playstation 3 controller, you have to search out Bluetooth address for your playstation there after using profile on both sides. Then put this address in SizaxixPairTool. This is an application to make pairs over the creating network.

However, now you playstation 3c controller application is unlocked. At this stage, you have to click on Cast to get started your streaming with your device. Here you will be displayed a list of playstations. Now you have to pick your playstation 3.

Playstation 3 Remote play on iPhone- Usage

  1. When you are on the way to learn how to get a remote playstation 3 on iPhone. Then you have to control specific features of your pS3 by your Apple smartphone. If you want to do this with jailbreaking tool, then you have to open total capacity of playstation remote controller.
  2. For this, just download WeBe++ app to play on playstation 3 for games. This application can be download from Apple store. That is why, this feature just only run on the supported jailbreak tool with iPhone 9 operating system.
  3. Now you have to connect your iPhone device to your playstation 3. Before going next, make sure the connection of your playstation 3 with your MacBook system. Then go to application used to make pairing called SixaxisTool.

Termination the Process for PS3

When you have connected your device with pairing. Then you will be able to play playstation 3 games on your device. Now you have full control of playstation 3 with your iPhone device and you can do what you want to do like add or delete any game.