If you are saying that my computer isn’t recognize my iPhone or you have to face to connectivity issues while making connection with your computer. Then you should have some measurements and functionalities to resolve this.

If your computer doesn’t Recognize your iPhone

While you have difficulty in case of making connection of your iPhone to your computer via USB cable or nay connectivity source.

Then you may be having any problem that your computer cannot able to recognize your iPhone. This is all stated by The Mac Forums.

Therefore, this difficulty is commonly occurred in many androids and windows system. That is why, you may prefer to use MacBook or any Apple device to connect with your iPhone.

iPhone not showing on computer windows

However, if you are trying to connect your computer with your Apple phone in order to transfer any data or backup files or want to access your iTunes by connecting with your computer.

But you are experiencing some fixing and technical issues while getting connection with your iPhone.

These are the situations that may be happened with you while are working on it. and maybe you get frustration or fed off by this kind of situation.

That time, you required to get off this problem by any case to complete your action with your computer.

Windows System doesn’t recognize iPhone

Thus, these sorts of issues are called recognition problem happening with you. But the question is here, why this is happened with you while you are getting connection of your iPhone with your computer.

There are many reasons behind this happening that my computer isn’t recognize my iPhone. This may include damaged or issued USB cable that you are using, expired windows or old iPhone operating system, USB port problem or maybe you need to update your iTunes.

How to Easily Fix Computer Not Recognizing iPhone

How to Easily Fix Computer Not Recognizing iPhone

When you want you to share your iPhone data and files to your computer system. Then you have to connect your iPhone handset with your computer system. But sometimes you have to face some serious and technical issues while getting this function there.

If you have recognition problem with your computer. Then you want to fix it. For this, you have to follow some steps.

Turn ON your iPhone

This is happened when your computer system is not recognizing your iPhone while you are trying to connect your iPhone with your computer via any connectivity like Bluetooth or using USB cables.

Then you don’t need to power on or off your iPhone. You just have to make sure that your phone is getting charging while connection through USB cable and unlock your phone during this connection making process.

Trust Tap My computer isnt recognizing my iPhone

In the next step for resolving recognition issues happened with your computer-iPhone connection by using USB cable.

Then you have to wait for some time until your computer system recognizes your iPhone and a confirmation appears as a popup message or notification shown you.

This notification me be contained as phone not connected or start file transfer from your device by open this device. This popup message is actually the confirmation for you either your iPhone is connected or not.

If your iPhone is not recognized by your computer system. Then you will be displayed an issues or difficulty that is now happening with this connection and ask you to resolve this problem.

What to Do When Your iPhone Won’t Connect to Your Computer?

When you click on Don’t Trust Notification, then you have popup message over the connection with your computer system. So whenever, this kind of situation happened with you, then you have to reset your iPhone handset with privacy and location to get started again.

To make these changes, you have to follow the way given below;

  • Get started with your phone settings open click on it.
  • Then go to General settings.
  • Go down and pick the option as Reset.
  • Then you have to reset your iPhone privacy and location to continue your act.

When you have done this method which is required to continue your connection properly. In this way, your iPhone device doesn’t remember last connection that you are trying and ready to connect with your computer system.  Then again you have to connect your USB cable with your computer.

Make sure USB cable

When have you checked and reset your phone’s privacy and location setting, then again you are facing no recognition issue over your connection? Now you should check your USB cable that are using in connection.

May be your USB cable is broken or damaged at any chance. That is why, your computer system is not able to link with your iPhone device.

When you have checked or confirm that your USB cable is broken, then we recommend you to try new one over your connection.

That cable you are using must be original cable to work smoothly and quickly. Now you have to reset again your iPhone. And reconnect your iPhone with computer.