Themacforums – China’s COVID Spike Not Due to Lifting of Restrictions, WHO Director Says. COVID- Ahead of the World Health Organization claimed on Wednesday that 19 infections were exploding in China long before the government decided to abandon its rigorous “zero-COVID” policy, dispelling claims that the abrupt change in policy was to blame for the rise in cases.

Mike Ryan, the WHO’s director for emergencies, made the remarks as he stressed the importance of stepping up immunization efforts in the second-largest economy in the world.

He claimed that long before the limitations were lifted, the virus was spreading “intensively” across the country.

There is currently a storyline that claims China loosened the limits and the sickness suddenly got out of hand.

“I think the control methods were ineffective at stopping the sickness because it was spreading rapidly. I think China came to the conclusion that was no longer the optimal course of action strategically.”

Following demonstrations against the President Xi Jinping-backed restrictions that were deemed to be economically detrimental, Beijing began to veer away from its infamous “ZERO-COVID” policy this month.

Even while official tallies of new cases have trended lower recently as officials eased back on testing, the abrupt relaxation of regulations has triggered huge lineups outside fever clinics in a frightening indicator that a wave of infections is gathering.

China’s COVID Spike Not Due to Lifting of Restrictions. The WHO stated that China had reported an increase in hospital admissions for four straight weeks in its most recent COVID report for the week ending November 27.

Consequently, Ryan added, “The difficulty that China and other nations still face is: are the people who need to be immunized, adequately immunized, with the right vaccines and the right amount of doses, and when was that people’s last time having the immunizations.”

China COVID Spike Not Due to Lifting of Restrictions


Since there is no “people immunity” among the populace and low vaccination rates among the elderly, the initial elation in China at changes in policy allowing people to live with the virus has rapidly subsided amid growing fears about escalating infections.

Senior WHO epidemiologist Maria Van Kerkhove stated that open lines existed and that the UN organizations were giving China technical guidance.

China Meheco Group Co Ltd (600056. SS) announced on Wednesday that it would import and market Pfizer’s (PFE.N) oral COVID-19 medication Paxlovid, marking one of the first significant agreements made in which a Western pharmaceutical company will provide China with COVID medicines.

Earlier in the briefing, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus expressed “hope” that by the end of next year, the pandemic, which has claimed the lives of more than 6.6 million people since it first appeared in Wuhan, China, will no longer be regarded as a worldwide emergency.