Caller id on iPhone

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Caller id on iPhone

When you desire to make a call on your phone and don’t want to show your identity. Or you want to activate your caller ID on your Apple smartphone. Then you don’t need to be worried. In this article, we will tell you how to disable and enable your caller ID on iPhone.

Hide your Caller ID on your iPhone

While making calls on your Apple smartphones, you may need to hide your caller ID or don’t want to show your caller number. Then, The Mac Forum shows you two methods by which you can hide your caller id on your iPhone.

1st Method to Enable or Disable caller ID iPhone

In this method, you need to go into your Apple phone Settings and tap to open it. then move on Phone setting and click on it to continue. Here you will find the choice to hide or show your caller Id. Click on Show My Caller ID to activate this service on your phone settings.

Here for you, there is an important thing to mote down carefully. Few wireless smart carriers don’t allow you to visualize this option of Show My Caller ID on iPhone. So in that case, you don’t need to be worried, because you can have done this by online settings or contacting to Apple support and help desk.

Method to Enable or Disable caller ID iPhone

2nd Method to Enable or Disable caller ID iPhone

If you desire to hide your caller ID on your iPhone, then you can follow this method. This is very simple and easy way to activate option for hide my caller ID. In this method, you have to do nothing, just put on *67 before number and dial your call. This method will work singly for actual cellphone number.

Access your alternate caller ID on your iPhone

Whenever, you hide your caller ID but seems to be not enough for you and require more protective, then you can use this option on your Apple smartphone.  You can get and access 2nd caller ID as an alternate phone number instead of your original number on your iPhone.

This 2nd caller ID for an alternative usage can be accessed by using Hushed app just for $25. While you can get approval notification for your 2nd caller number activate don your iPhone. Then this is for you as a life partner with you.

FAQs Related Topic

Q: How do I get my iPhone caller ID to enable it?

To find out the best way to enable your caller ID on your iPhone, you have to do nothing just go to Settings and click on Phone Settings. There you will find option for Show My Caller ID. Click on this option right of left to enable or disable tis service on your iPhone.

Q: how do I change my caller ID to 2nd Phone Number on iPhone?

To get 2nd alternative caller ID on your iPhone, you need to use Hushed application on your Apple iOS with $25 for lifetime opportunity and get fabulous chance with The Mac Forum.

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