California Voters Are Overwhelmingly Done with Joe Biden, Poll says According to a recent poll, the majority of Californians oppose President Joe Biden’s bid for reelection and favor Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom as his likely replacement.

Biden has long struggled with his political standing as Democrats look for a replacement after expressing dissatisfaction with their president. This circumstance has opened door for ambitious Democrats like Newsom, who has steadfastly worked to raise his national reputation while denying interest in running for president in 2024.

A recent poll by the Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies of voters in California highlighted the danger for Biden and opportunity for Newsom. Biden shouldn’t run for president in 2024, according to a whopping 61 percent of voters polled online between August 9 and 15; this includes the majority of independents and almost half of Democratic supporters. Californians, who make up 75% of the population, have a lukewarm 48 percent approval rating for president and believe that nation is heading in wrong direction.

The top two candidates for Biden’s replacement among Democrats and independents were Newsom and Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT), who won 2020 California primary. Vice President Kamala Harris came in third. However, majority of voters remained unsure, which highlights the hazy nature of the 2024 election. According to Biden, he plans to run again. Biden would have to step aside for Newsom to have a chance, and Newsom could have to take on Harris, with whom he has a base in the Bay Area.

California Voters Are Overwhelmingly Done with Joe Biden

California Voters Are Overwhelmingly Done with Joe Biden, Poll says Despite these challenges, Newsom is still trying to reach a wider audience. With his reelection in November all but guaranteed, Newsom has shifted resources and focus to criticizing Republican governors. These attacks have increased suspicion about Newsom’s assertion that he has “subzero interest” in running for president.

In their home states, he ran advertisements criticizing Republican governors Greg Abbott of Texas and Ron DeSantis of Florida. He sparred on Twitter with Alabama Governor Kay Ivey for a portion of this week before criticizing Abbott and Ivey during a press conference on adolescent mental health on Thursday.

California Voters Are Overwhelmingly Done with Biden

California Voters Are Overwhelmingly Done with Joe Biden, Poll says Republican voters continue to be passionate about former President Donald Trump despite California’s entire electorate rejecting him, in stark contrast to Democrats’ muted opinions on Biden. Republicans in California were split roughly evenly between wanting Trump to run again and preferring him over DeSantis for the 2024 election. DeSantis would be the undisputed frontrunner if Trump decided not to run.

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