BS Biotechnology scope in Pakistan is an important initiative towards advanced level educational programs. Several universities in Pakistan are conducting BS Biotechnology degree courses. We will mention top institutes in this article which will help you to under the BS Biotechnology scope in Pakistan.

What is Bio Technology?

Bio-Technology is the use of living objects especially bacteria and cells for creation of various valuable products. This is a combination of various systems, applied together to living cells, such as not only biology. Its scope ranges from agriculture (Animal Husbandry, Cropping management, research for soil conservation. We study seed management as well as Plant physiology.

Different aspects of Bio Technology:

We deal with various methods which are involved in

  • industrial food processing system,
  • pharma products,
  • environmental science,
  • dealing bio products,
  • medicines,
  • system of cell biology
  • nutrition science
  • genetic structure etc.

Is BS Biotechnology scope in Pakistan Limited?

Scope of biotechnology in Pakistan is not limited to one specific field. Rather it has diverse impacts in various departments of life. Genetic Engineering is an extremely advanced and complicated division of science that will study a wide range of techniques which are discussed in changing the hereditary material in the DNA code in an existing or living type of organism.

Genetic Engineering’ means the purposeful modification of the features of an organism from the manipulation of its inherited material. Genetic technology comes under the wide range of Biotechnology. There is a great demand in this field if you are living in Pakistan because the need for genetic experts are growing in Pakistan as well as overseas.

BS biotechnology aids in escalating efficiency and enhancing energy production as well as preservation by conducting tests and research exercises.

It deals with chemical type procedures, genetic engineering, fabric growth aesthetic improvement etc. An expert in biotechnology can take advantage of studying micro-organisms into segments. Each part of the course urges students to go deeper and explore new techniques. The purpose is to take the advantages for humanity by utilizing micro-organisms through the manufacturing of drinks, breads, dairy products and yogurt etc.

Industrial waste is recycled in a professional way to make it useful for the business and organizations. Industrial waste is useful for general public as well in a number of ways. Plus, it can save millions of dollars each year. That’s why bs biotechnology scope in Pakistan is increasing day by day.

We need huge investment in Pakistan. We have natural resources but we do not have enough or compatible equipment to take full advantage from these resources. If we utilize our current system and produces finished products in huge quantity, then our country’s needs will be met easily. We can also export products to different developed nations. The products which are manufactures by recycling products have more value than the products which are produced by raw material.

The difference is when you use raw material then you will have to bear the cost of raw materials first. Then all manufacturing processes are started while if you handle the waste of industries or factories in efficient way then your cost for production will be quite low.

The increase in profit margin will help our economy and status of lives in Pakistan. BS biotechnologist can aid the medical professionals in several ways. For example, they can alter or improve the working techniques for diagnosis of diseases, medicines’ effects and vaccinations.

If our graduates get success in exploring the effective ways for the use of antibiotics or pesticides, then our health sector will grow a lot. Crop production is no doubt our important industry. BS Biotechnology scope in Pakistan is also important due to the issue of environmental pollution. The graduates know how to develop biosensors in order to detect pollutants at earlier stages.

Career options for BS Biotechnology in Pakistan

After doing BS Biotechnology a student can have several career options which are mentioned below.

  1. A clinical scientist
  2. Research associates
  3. Chemicals biotechnologists
  4. Fuel biotechnologists
  5. Brewing expert
  6. Professor-Lecturer in Biotechnology

Average salary of a biotechnologist in Pakistan is Rs. 400,000 to 600,000 per year which is not a low when you compare other job fields. Even international companies are offering jobs to professional biotechnologists. After reading all hope you understand, what is BS Biotechnology scope in Pakistan and how can you take benefits from this field in your career.


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