In North Webster, Goshen Physicians will launch a brand-new family medical clinic. BRIEFS ON HEALTH: September 21, 2022. According to a press release, the office will be situated at the North Webster Community Center at 301 N. Main St., Suite 121.

The 1,100-square-foot primary care clinic is now undergoing renovations with an opening date of December or early 2023. According to the press release, the clinic will have three examination rooms and a phlebotomy facility for quick and easy lab testing. Plans for future growth include adding a procedure room and more clinic space.

BRIEFS ON HEALTH: September 21, 2022. According to Executive Director Emily Worrell, prevention care and education are the first steps in carrying out the objective of the North Webster Community Center to encourage healthy living. We couldn’t be happier with the addition and opportunity they provide for all of us.

“Our relationship with medical Health is a big step in developing a sustainable future for our community members, town, and our organization”, the statement continued.

Patients of all ages can receive comprehensive medical care from Chelsea Wolf. New patients are now being accepted by Wolf at Goshen  Physicians Family Medicine Syracuse. As soon as construction is finished, she will move to the North Webster medical office, according to the press release.

Appointments can be made by calling 574-244-0148 for patients.

Details on the grand opening celebration will be released closer to the event date by Goshen Physicians.

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Thursday’s County Health Board Meeting

Goshen — On Thursday at 7 o’clock, the Elkhart County Board of Health will hold its regular meeting.

The location of the meeting is the Elkhart County Administration Building, 117 N. Second St., Room 104.

You can virtually attend the meeting by visiting

The following regularly scheduled board meeting is set for October 27.

Check-Up Day is being held at Parkview LaGrange

LAGRANGE — Parkview LaGrange Hospital will have a Check-Up Day event on Thursday from 7 to 9:30 a.m. to allow locals to get discounted lab work.

According to a news release, Check-Up Day, hosted in cooperation with the Parkview Center for Healthy Living, makes it simple to get basic lab tests at a discounted price. Conference Rooms A and B on the hospital’s lower level at 207 N. Towline Road will host the appointment-only event.

The release notes state that wellness packages have been made simpler than in the past. Participants can now select between the customizable Green Package and the opulent Diamond Package in place of packages A, B, C, and D.

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For $50, the Green Package includes a glycohemoglobin A1C and lipid profile. Participants may also choose to upgrade their Green Package with any of the following tests: comprehensive metabolic profile (CMP), $25; complete blood count (CBC), $15; thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), $30; prostate-specific antigen (PSA, for men), $30; or vitamin D, $40.

The standard Green Package PLUS the CMP, CBC, TSH, and PSA are included in the $115 Diamond Package. For $100, customers can get a Diamond Package without the PSA.

Prior to their meeting, everyone choosing a wellness package must fast for 10 to 12 hours. Contact information for inquiries is 260-347-8125. Additionally, information is available at days.

Medicaid Postpartum Coverage Will Remain in Indiana

Indiana City the Federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently gave the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration permission to carry on with its custom of extending postpartum coverage for Indiana residents receiving Medicaid during pregnancy from 60 days to one year.

According to a news release, Indiana has been offering this extended coverage since April, and the most recent federal announcement will allow it to continue.

Prior to this, Medicaid postpartum coverage expired after 60 days. The postpartum coverage period for members of traditional Medicaid, the Healthy Indiana Plan Maternity, and Hoosier Healthies has been extended.

Medicaid postpartum coverage will remain in Indiana

According to an application submitted to CMS in May by Indiana’s Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning. According to this statement, “BRIEFS ON HEALTH: September 21, 2022” this will apply to all women who have received Medicaid motherhood care since April 1.

Anyone who meets one of the following requirements is eligible for postpartum coverage: becomes pregnant while enrolled in traditional Medicaid, Hoosier Healthies, or HIP; applies for Medicaid and is eligible while pregnant, or applies for Medicaid after the child is born and was both pregnant and eligible in the month of application or one of the three months prior to the application month.

Through March 31, 2027, the CMS’s decision enables extended coverage for Medicaid-eligible people for a five-year period. visit our site themacforums for more news and the latest updates related to medical health and treatment.