You have wide searching for the best smartphones 2015 USA. Thus, you can get here the biggest innovative smartphones of 2015 with greatest contribution and comparison. Let’s have look at the best 2015 cellphones of the world with The Mac Forum.

Top Smartphones of 2015

Consequently, the blessings of God on this year has thrown great device with fantastic features and options of devices are given to you on this year 2015. Here you are presented few of grand selling smartphones of 2015 with the help of The Mac Forum.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

This brand new smartphone has been released in the best smartphones 2015 USA for just only $499.99. This is biggest release over that year with 5.1-inch curved screen display and 1440.2560px high quality AMOLED.

Therefore, Samsung has given you highest battery life of 2600mAh with 16MP rear camera and 5Mp selfie camera the best smartphones 2015 USA. While on the other hand, it has latest chipset technology processor with 7420 Exynos comfort to this device by beating out its rivals.

Therefore, due to these features, this galaxy s6 edge has high quality performance and fast speed working with this device. In this smartphone, you are also given 2K resolution of great quality display with 5.1-inch display size.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

In this way, s6 edge vibrant your feelings to reach out with this incredible brightness screen and super feature camera lenses of 16MP.

That is why, we must say that Samsung s6 edge has super-fast and excellent features smartphone in every region of smart devices over the world. and this has been proven as practical using device in the world.

Over the unique features and properties of Samsung galaxy s6 edge, you think this is perfect match for everyone. But it has a negative pint which comes true with the questionable issue related to battery condition and life.

As you know, it has 2600 mAh battery capacity which is somehow down from other competitors over the world’s greatest smartphones. But the most surprising thing here related to Samsung s6 edge is its weight loose device.

Samsung has made short battery placed in device and in this way, device has short its weight than earlier smartphones of Samsung series.

Xperia Sony Z5 with Premium

The affordable price of $673 with bigger display 5.5-inch for 2160.3840px IPS LCD resolution quality the best smartphones 2015 USA. Other than this, Sony Xperia Z5 has biggest battery 3420mAh beating its competitors over the world.

When you are talking about high resolution display quality of the best smartphones 2015 USA. Then you have ever thought, who is the first smartphone that has introduced 4K resolution in screen display.

For this question, you will surprise to know that Sony company is only one who has introduced this quality in display for the first time in history of smartphones over the world.

Thus, Sony has given you Xperia Z5 premium smartphone to enjoy 2160.2840px resolution quality with 806ppi. However, in this quality, tiny particles or objects can be seen clearly in 4K of Sony Xperia z5 premium.

But you might thing that this feature can get high battery potential. But you will see that its battery consumption rates are very amazing use like other saving applications and features.

So that is why, we can say that is perfect match for you to get Sony Xperia z5 premium smartphone. This is also the best smartphones 2015 USA release subjects and God’s blessing for you over this innovation of Sony brad company.

When you see at the camera quality of Sony Xperia z5, then you will go reverse to your cupboard and bring out a stone to break other the best smartphones 2015 USA which are so called the best smartphones by their camera.

Because Sony Xperia gives you highest quality 23MP rear cam with pick up sensors to incredible level and you can achieve your Desir goals. therefore, you can also get autofocus quality in Sony Xperia z5 premium camera with high performance in low light.

But as we have discussed earlier that where technology brings you plus point, there also it brings you negative point. Here also Sony has negative point related to its software.

As world is moving with latest software and modern operating systems, there Sony has given you down with no updates in software of Xperia z5 premium. That is why6, users are little disappointed by this model. Its software is same as Sony has given you in previous model Xperia.

Apple iPhone 6s plus

With the net price of $749, Apple presents you most advance and high performing smartphone iPhone 6s plus. This model smartphone has 5.5-inch display with HD 1080.1920px IPS LCD quality resolution.

When we talk about it battery health, you are given this ionone 6s plus with 2750mAh battery size and 12MP rear camera with 5MP front selfie camera. In 2015, Apple has changed its customs and given you its brand new and high updated smartphone with bigger size than its previous smartphones.

That is why, this model is upper hot for users and iPhone lovers. In this model, Apple also has changed the design and style fashion of smartphones and improved design quality than older. So, here the question is that, iPhone has bigger size and weight also be bigger.

Apple iPhone 6s plus

Than why we prefer iPhone 6s plus the best smartphones 2015 USA. Because this is first model smartphone in the history of Apple company who is giving your 3D touch sensitive quality with additional dimensions of control display of iPhone 6s plus.

That is why, this Apple brand iPhone 6s plus gives you permission by 3D touch screen to use harder or softly on screen display of device. Due to all these features, is it costly to buy with such great features over this device iPhone 6s plus.

If you are fresher, then these features might not be attracting you but when you are iPhone user. Then you will be impressed this progressive upgradation given by Apple company in iPhone 6s plus.

Galaxy Samsung Note 5

This is another innovation of Samsung company in 2015 with $696 and 3000mAh battery size. Why we call this smartphone super model in the best smartphones 2015 USA. Because in this year, this model smartphone has changed the era by presenting biggest display size of 5.7-inch with quad-core HD.

Thus, Samsung presents you super class 15MP rear camera with 5MP front camera of galaxy note 5. This smartphone put an history over the world as it has become the reason to attract more Samsung users and created a galaxy of users and Samsung lovers over the world.

This is also the mature device of galaxy series who has proven the device as an adult device and maturity goes high. That is why, 2015 is known to be the historical year in the successful story of Samsung company.

You know, why this model galaxy Note 5 has created the history, the reason is that, in this model, Samsung has given you extra features with super upgradation like Samsung camera, wireless charging capability, brilliant display size and resolution with melt-off operating system.

HTC One A9

In 2015, HTC also the participant of the race. HTC company is well-known smartphone selling company over the world. that is why, HTC has thrown its latest model One A9 smartphone with $499.99 and display size is very classic and moderate with 5.0-inch and resolution quality is HD-1080.1920px with 441ppi.

This smartphone is from those phones in 2015 who has given you the device with non-removing battery with size of 2150mAh. The beauty of HTC company is that it always has follow new trend with 13MP back camera and 4MP front camera. Consequently, One A9 HTC smartphone has latest version operating system with the software of 6.0-android.

smartphone of HTC company is also well-known brand cell-phone over the world in 2015. Because, previous model M9 HTC smartphone has flopped and users has been disappointed over the world. that is why, in this model smartphone A9 one HTC has given its best.


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