Aligarh Muslim University AMU Celebrates Gandhi Jayanti. In the history of civilizations, only a few people have had as significant an impact as Mahatma Gandhi. The Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) observed “Gandhi Jayanti” (Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary) at the varsity’s Maulana Azad (MA) Library to honor the Father of the Nation. Who served as a catalyst for India’s war for independence against British rule.

AMU Vice Chancellor Professor Tariq Mansoor said that Mahatma Gandhi was one of the greatest world leaders and that he had inspired many people, including Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King Jr., His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, and Albert Einstein.

He was speaking to a group of AMU teachers, students, and other staff members at the Cultural Hall of MA Library.

Mahatma Gandhi’s principles are still relevant today and will continue to inspire people, according to Prof. Mansoor. He continued by saying that using non-violence is still and always will be the best course of action.

AMU Celebrates Gandhi Jayanti

According to Prof. Mansoor, Gandhiji “protested against injustice and tyranny on all sections of society and communities”. He also supported the idea of introducing independence to rural areas.

The Vice-Chancellor stated, “Gandhiji always felt that nations could flourish provided equality and tolerance among populations. Gandhiji’s relevance as an idea rather than just a historical individual is highlighted by Prof. M. Rizwan Khan (English Department) as being greater today.

Gandhi appeared frail and weak, yet he was a very strong, determined, believable, and passionate international leader, the speaker continued. Gandhiji, he said, spent his entire life attacking social ills and working for intergroup harmony.

Gandhiji experienced deep despair on the brink of India’s independence in August 1947, Professor Khan noted. “While Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first prime minister, was giving the well-known Tryst with Destiny speech, Mahatma Gandhi was in Calcutta (now Kolkatta), West Bengal, to bring about calm following communal unrest in the city.

He added that Gandhiji was not a Mahatma by birth but became one by his experiences and contributions to society. According to Dr. Mohibul Haque, Gandhiji frequently felt helpless when he observed the world in disturbance as a result of differing ideas.

He continued by saying that Mahatma Gandhi influenced the entire globe with his belief in fairness and truth for all people. Dr. Haque remarked, “Gandhiji was a great soul who loved even those who opposed his ideals to bring about peace through non-violence”.

AMU students Mr. Mateen Ashraf (BA Urdu) and Ms. Arisha Zaidi (BA English) spoke on how Gandhiji lived an exemplary life that resonated with his principles. They discussed how Mahatma Gandhi gave up his successful law practice and took on a humble lifestyle to live among millions of people. Who were needy at the time of his struggle for liberation.

Celebrates Gandhi Jayanti

The program was directed by Prof. Javaid Akhter, the AMU Registrar. The motion to thank was made by Dr. Nabi Hasan, the AMU librarian.

AMU Celebrates Gandhi Jayanti, at the event, the vice chancellor of AMU opened an exhibition of Mahatma Gandhi books, notebooks, and photographs. Additionally, Gandhi-edited periodicals were on display.

Prof. Mansoor led a vow to strive steadfastly for the nation’s freedom and integrity’s strengthening and preservation. In addition, he gave out a “Swachchta Shapath” (Cleanliness Pledge), noting that Mahatma Gandhi had imagined a prosperous and clean nation.

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